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The Jackson Hewitt Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature. They do have their Message button activated, which means you can contact them through Facebook chat messenger. However, effectiveness may limited given a very large following.

Jackson Hewitt has a company brand Twitter handle which is used for Customer Service, and seems to be quite active.

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W-7 application form& 1040X amended U.S. tax return (12/5/15)

On 8/19 /2015 we applied for W7 and 1040x forms at your Jackson Hewitt location 649 W.23rd St. Panama City FL.32405.Tatana original passport was included with the forms.Because we did not receive anything from IRS in 12 weeks we started making phone calls to IRS.They could not find our application.Then we sent an email to Darlene Walker,she is the one who prepared the paper work for us, asking her to find out what happen with our applications.She never responded it has been over two weeks now with NO response.On Friday 12/04/15 I(Tatana) went to Jackson Hewitt office and explain to a receptionist there i am looking for my passport and information on or about our case. She wrote the note and said they will call me back on the afternoon.They never did.Last night I call IRS again and after 90 minutes on phone HOLDING i was informed they never received my application W-7 or my husbands 1040 X. Please with all due respect i need my passport back.New passport will cost 1000$ and time.  View Gripe »

Jackson Hewitt Tax service (9/28/15)

My taxes were done by Jackson Hewitt for 2014, the end of February my JH Visa Card was compromised and they now say they would do nothing for us. We did everything they asked, there is even a police report that was needed. And still nothing. We were hoping that you could do something or help in any way.  View Gripe »

filed taxes (8/9/15)

I received a letter for the IRS asking me for $2450 back from my 2013 taxes that I filed with Jackson Hewitt. When I called Jackson Hewitt 1-800-210-7869 tax defense number the rep on the phone told me that they only help people who the IRS claims owes them $10,000 in back taxes. I told the rep on the phone I need someone to go over my taxes that I paid Jackson Hewitt for when I file in 2013 regardless of their $10,000 policy. This is ridiculous I paid Jackson Hewitt for a service and they took my money to do my taxes and now that I have a question about what they filed when I received a letter from the IRS. They are not able or willing to help me because the IRS is not asking me for $10,000 or more in back taxes? What kind of tax business is this? I could have done my taxes on my own and saved myself some money. Now I have to look for another tax preparer to help explain and go over what happen with my 2013 taxes that were filed with Jackson Hewitt. Can you help me figure this…  View Gripe »

income tax problems w company (4/14/15)

Company giving run around don't know there numbers  View Gripe »