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Jack in the Box
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Service (4/22/17)

The service is slow at the drive through window. Don't know what store it is because they will never give you a receipt. The store address is 4595 W Ann Rd, Las Vegas, NV. Every time I have been to this store it take 20 minutes or longer to get your food. If I go the extra mile there is a McDonald's the food is delivered in minutes through their drive through. When I complained the answer was "we make everything to order" which was not true because my food was lukewarm when I got. This would be the most inefficient way of doing a fast food place, only high-end restaurants do that. I really don't think you will do anything about my complaint. That's okay because I will drive the extra mile to McDonald's. I have been at this store any time of day over multipul days and it's never been fast food, instead is slow food at its worst.  View Gripe »

Tacos (10/30/16)

Went by drive thru they forgot to give the tacos so I was trying to contact them by phone while in parking lot of Jack in the box on South padre highway in brownsville, tx. But they never picked up the phone it rang over 30 times finally the call ended by hanging itself so I went thru the drive thru again n asked to speak to the manager which it wasn't the manager he was the leader team in charge"David "so I told him that I tried calling but they never answered the phone he said the reason they didn't answer cuz it was a four team crew and they were in the customer floor taking the orders isn't that hilarious he told me that I could've gotten off ...well that's why I ordered by drive thru have some brain. ..so my lunch was ruined made me pissed  View Gripe »

Service (4/19/16)

I take care of my brother, I am his guardian.. My brother has went to jack in the box NUMEROUS times to buy my children food or hisself.. He paid always with my card... He has my PIN number... Well he went today, and the first time in 6 years they carded him? They way they looked at him, in a racist way? Really? This is exactly why I dislike This place.. Happened one, two many time  View Gripe »

Turkey/Bacon/Cheddar Sandwich (8/31/15)

McMinnville, OR. I didn't bother to return it since I didn't realize it until I went home, but I ordered the Turkey-Bacon-Cheddar sandwich at Jack-in-the-Box, and was displeased to find that not only was there no cheese or spread in it at all, but the meat was replaced with ham. So it was literally just bread, ham, and bacon. That's like two different forms of pig on one sandwich. Come on, guys...  View Gripe »

Worst experience (7/16/15)

I had the worst experience in Jack in the Box that I've ever had in my life I had ordered a burger then when I got my burger I checked it it has very little sauce on it so I asked the lady for more sauce and she had a attitude so I ask for my money backshe said she wasn't giving my money back so the police was called he had to get my money so I would never do jack in the box ever again and I will tell my friends my family my kids never do jack in the box  View Gripe »

Bad service (7/15/15)

totally appalling service at the jack in box on Broadway in Salem Oregon they would not replace a burger that was burned because they said it was something that food safety regulation but yet they were handling food and begging tacos with no gloves and they told the customers they didn't wear gloves and I sleep with this time not  View Gripe »

lost a customer (7/12/15)

This jack in box on I 35 exit 184 sucks took 33 mins to get a chessburger they need to go lock the doors o tbis place two employees all they had working ...THIS PLACE SUCKS I'LL NEVER BE BACK ARE GO INTO ANOTHER ONE ....SIGN ONE MAD CUST  View Gripe »

Unhappy customer (7/11/15)

I am a very unsatisfied customer . I visit Jack in a box on 8/26/15 at 2:27am. I were very up first of all the young lady rung up my order wrong. When I received my order it were the wrong burger and also they burnt the onion ring. Overall I just feel when you order food you think it would be right but everything was wrong. DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!  View Gripe »

Cold food (7/10/15)

The jack in the box on brookshire blv charlotte nc is horrible always rude at service i work 3rd shift and thats the only food to eat other than 7-11 so i go grab my food never polite my foods always old frys are hard and cold my burger is ether wrong or the meat is old tasting today got a #1 and it was so greasy i could squeeze the bun and it would just stream out and you know how annoying it is to get down the road and not have a straw for your drink  View Gripe »

Wrong order (6/19/15)

Hi my husband just visited your mission gorge location in San Diego and his order was completely wrong he ordered a chicken sandwich meal curly fries n sprite. He received chicken sandwich reg fries and a coke Only reason he goes there is for curly fries Therefore we not very Happy with the service!  View Gripe »