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Was your furniture damaged? Here's the scoop on everything you need to know about how IKEA handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for IKEA are typically related to wait times for deliveries, furniture quality, pricing, and customer service interactions.

The IKEA Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature, verified, and often highlights social responsibility. They do have their Message button activated which means you can contact them through Facebook chat messenger, however, effectiveness may limited given a very large following.

IKEA has a verified Twitter handle which is used for Customer Service, and is very active.

The IKEA Google+ is active and used for promotion. It has a large following and is verified.

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online purchse + delivery (3/17/17)

Worst delivery service ever. Do not buy IKEA and expect home delivery quality as those provided by Amazon, Jet, Walmart, etc. They take 5 to 7 days to ship and the delivery company takes another 2 to 3 days to deliver. The delivery company require that you stay home for a period of 4 hours to receive the packages...additionally, in my case, IKEA failed to send 2 pieces to delivery company without any notice to me. After I noticed the missing pieces, I checked the bill of Lading and they were marked as missing by the delivery company. After almost 2 hours on the phone, IKEA recognized the mistake and said they'd ship the missing pieces through the same delivery company with 5 to 7 business days. And then I'd have to wait home again 4 hours waiting for them. Ikea online experience and delivery procedures are similar to those we had in the early year 2000. They need to make a serious investment in technology and logistics. Until then, shop somewhere else. They don't even allow to…  View Gripe »

Ingatorp Extendable Table (5/3/16)

I Ordered a table which arrives with two wrong legs. After calling and complaining, they said they would expedite the legs in 5-7 business days (which I thought was absurd since it was their fault for sending the wrong legs so the least they could do was get it delivered faster). Ok, on the 8th business day, nothing! And not a word also, no email or call giving us any type is status on the delivery. I called again and guess what? They said the same thing! Would take another 5-7 business days...that is...if the parts were in stock. They couldn't even check to see if they were actually in stock, because as the customer service manager mentioned very politely (not) - they don't have access to stock information! So now what? Wait for MAYBE 5-7 more business days and hope it arrives??? This is so ridiculous, how can a company this big not be able to resolve such a basic issue and not be able to have a decent customer service department?  View Gripe »

Kids Bed (Flaxa underbed 90*200 10247968) (4/20/16)

i bought a bed 40 days ago, and i surprise now that all the places of the nails become very wide because of the wood is like cartoon. its not logic to buy a bed for 2000 l.e to stay for 1 month!! attach bill and photo  View Gripe »

Online ordering (11/13/15)

Wanted to share my experience with IKEA: 3 weeks ago, I placed an order online for over $2,000 of merchandise to be delivered to our new beach house. I entered my credit card info and immediately received a confirmation email including a delivery date of 11/7. On the delivery day I called IKEA to ask about delivery time, and was told the order was not being processed because I hadn't paid for it. When I told him I had indeed given them my cc info when placing the order, he then said it was not being processed, and didn't know why. He also had no explanation for why I had not been contacted to tell me the order wasn't coming. I placed 2 more online orders, same result. Again, I got confirmation emails & delivery dates. Finally placed phone order on Tues.I called today- same story- the order was not processed. I got a supervisor who demanded I provide driver license and cc statement, plus the delivery was again delayed. I had enough at that point. I have posted this on Facebook.  View Gripe »

Wrong order received (11/13/15)

Case 23583750. We order 2 different sofas and covers. Promised they would arrive next day. Did not. I called customer service and they arrived the following day, Tuesday. However, that evening we saw they had sent 1 x correct Ektorp and covers and another 1 xEktorp but the covers for the ONE WE HAD ORDERED a STOCKSUND. So, we now have our lovely covers but no sofa. On checking the box we saw that the name on the order is not ours. Our sofa has gone to the other customer and we have hers. I have been days trying to get this sorted out. The Consignment note does not show our STOCKSUND sofa ( yes the covers and legs) but the order (Paid in full) clearly shows a STOCKSUND and an EKTORP. . Lots of calls and the carriers say ours is 30 mins away so promised a straight swap today. At 5.30 today, nothing of course. The so called customer service of Ikea is beyond parody.  View Gripe »

Built in Dishwasher (11/4/15)

I'm resorting to this form of contact out of desperation. Case ref no. is: 23384455. The missing part was first reported in person in store on Saturday 3rd October. It is an essential component of the dishwasher supplied as part of the complete kitchen package. To cut a painfully and distressing, long story short, I will let you research my case and hope you can find someone who will deal with this as a matter of extreme urgency. The dishwasher supplied by Ikea did not contrain the component which is approximately 600mm long and 'clicks' into place along the top front edge of the machine enabling it to fit under the worktop. The last package sent from Electrolux last Saturday was labelled 'fitting kit', but did not contain the part required. Please, please, please make the necssary arrangements to get this part to me.  View Gripe »

Brusali Chest/4drw 80 x117 white (9/24/15)

I purchased the above item on 05/09/2015 at the above branch. I paid for the pick and delivery service and was told the item would be delivered the next day Sunday 06/09/2015 between 7 am - 7pm. I received a phone call to tell me the item was not in stock and would be in store either Tuesday or Wednesday the following week. Consequently I had to reorganise the assembling of the furniture (this item was purchased with other furniture items – it was a bulk purchase) and return to the store to collect an item I had paid money for it to be delivered to my home the following day. I am seeking compensation for the distress, upset, disappointment, loss of expectation and stress, inconvenience, time and trouble and effort I have had to go to get this matter resolved. I was left to do the chasing and phone calls to Ikea together with the additional driving to and from Ikea to collect the item and the actual lifting of this heavy item into my home. This was my first experience of Ikea and my…  View Gripe »

Online delivery (9/5/15)

I ordered two beds and ikea delivered the wrong boxes. I tried calling customer service that night and spent 2 hours on hold, no representative replied. The next day I spoke with a woman who said they would expedite my shipment with the correct box. It's been over 2 weeks and I still don't have my items. Called back again, no one picked up. Called the next day and was told it would be 2 more weeks for my delivery. When I complained, they "expedited" it for 5 days sooner but that's still a week away. The FB page responds and asks if there's anything they can do to help, which is a joke because they didn't do a thing to help me. No one seems to think this delivery speed is an issue. Horrible phone service. Horrible delivery service. Just bad all around!  View Gripe »

Furniture Delivery (9/2/15)

I was told my delivery time an hour before hand, and when I tried to call to reschedule I was put on hold for 2 hrs. By that time I already got missed my delivery. I have tried to call back multiple times to either get my money back or furniture, and every time they disconnect me. I went to the store in Sunrise, FL and they said there was nothing they could do for me but to keep calling. At this point I'm ready to build my furniture out of card board boxes.  View Gripe »

Bodbyn - Kitchen cabinets (8/20/15)

We are getting terrible customer service and need some help. I think our issues are very simple. Please call me at 805 489 4500 William Rinehart  View Gripe »