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Category: Data Processing & Preparation
Sub Category: Internet and Information Services
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Internet Service Provider (11/23/15)

Been a loyal customer for 19 years. In the last 18 months and more particularly the last 6 months, I've had no end of issues. Tech faults, unwarranted suspensions, additional charges incurred, lying customer service reps, abysmal service, impacts on my business because of the bike products, dial up speeds, non-disclosure of hidden costs, more lying, hours up hours of time wasted on calls, even more lying. I'm fed up - word to the wise: iiNet may have great marketing but in the end, the products and service are 3rd world and we are paying exorbitant prices for the privilege. Rating? Is there a negative rating scale I can use?  View Gripe »

Telecommunications (11/22/15)

ok, so yesterday this mob had a state wide down time of 'more than' 12 hrs! This is unacceptable! When rang the only thing we got told was it's state wide and 'should' be back on in a 'couple' of hours. Well, I hate waiting for anything, especially a group like this which has been found to be liars and thieves. There is still no explanation, if we tried that crap there'd be all manner of hell to pay. Don't this mob have a back-up server for just such an occasion? If not why not? way to let down the entire state of Western Australia, what ever little respect I had for these guys is now gone and further more, I'll lay money on the fact we won't get compensated for their screw up. 12 hours+ of wasted time no explanation, no apology no nothing. really really pathetic service for a 'so called' "Company"  View Gripe »