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Pancakes not stacking up? Here's the scoop on everything you need to know about how IHOP handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for IHOP are typically related to wait times, food quality, waiters and waitresses, cleanliness, and food prices.

The IHOP Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature. They do have their Message button activated which means you can contact them through Facebook chat messenger, however, effectiveness may limited given a very large following.

IHOP has a company brand Twitter handle which is used for Customer Service, and seems to be quite active.

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Food (6/13/16)

I have gone twice to the IHOP on Oracle Rd in Tucson, AZ and both times I ordered the fried chicken dinner. Both times the chicken came out dry and unsavory. The second time, I called for the manager who informed me that the chicken was precooked and then re-fried (warmed?). I have ordered this dinner before at other locations (my hometown Waterbury, CT) and it has always been moist and fresh. Why can't Tucson cook this dinner fresh?  View Gripe »

None (12/25/15)

We went to iHop today to redeem the free breakfast that iHop had sent to me. The waitress told me that they do NOT accept any coupons today. iHop sent me this free breakfast coupon and did NOT say it was not available today. It actually said it was good until 1/5/2016, with no stipulation as to not being good today. Will NEVER attempt to eat at any iHop anywhere again. Very bad public persona.  View Gripe »

Lunch (12/19/15)

We visit IHOP in Ventura several times a month The survey you provide gives 3 days to complete, this is out of the question. We have other things to do and need at least 7 days to complete the survey. We do not intend visiting IHOP again any time soon, please treat your customers with respect ekmpb@roadrunner.com  View Gripe »

Food (10/10/15)

We were at Ihop at 1 am and our waitress was just outright ignoring us. She brought us cold food and not to mention our drinks went unfilled for at least 35 minutes. I had to go to the manager just to get some decent service and not to mention the waitress kinda stunk  View Gripe »

breakfast (9/28/15)

my husband and I went to the ihop at state line nv. on 6-12-15 the service was good however the food was terrible cold like they had pre cook it to serve everything was bad ,your prices are not cheep and I don't mind paying for my food I have thought about and I just felt I needed to complain I need a refund  View Gripe »

Restaurant Ferguson Mo. (9/19/15)

Visited the restaurant today 9/19/15 waited at least 15 minutes before we were acknowledged.we waited another 15 minutes we were never offered water ,coffee or menses. We were actually ignored.We were finally served after at least forty minutes.Had to send pancakes back because they were cold .The entire staff with the exception of the young lady that finally served us and the gentleman that said he had to go wash silverware for us to use was lazy and indifferent.I am a big fan of this chain and was greatly disappointed. Please address this because it is really a serious problem  View Gripe »

lunch (8/12/15)

Over priced food and small servings  View Gripe »

Bad, bad service (7/22/15)

Yikes! At least4 ladies on shift, however I had to walk to someone to get their attention so I could sit down. Two were texting/chatting. I only had coffee. Had to ask for my check..pretty sure I was one of 3 people in the entire place. Restroom is disgusting. Toilet paper on the floor in the stall and no paper towels in the dispenser..Ya know why? Because they are overflowing out of the garbage onto the floor. Perhaps the server I passed on the way in to the restroom didn't notice. Sink had food in it.  Lazy, slothful people "work" here. What a shame. It's a great location for a lot of business but I won't be back.  View Gripe »

Very bad service (7/21/15)

My boyfriend & I come to your restaurant about once a month and we always have superb service. On Tues, Aug 25th we went to the location on S. Kirkman Rd in orlando. Halfway through our meal a cockroach crawled on the table. My boyfriend grabbed it in a napkin. He didn't make a scene or fuss about it. At this time the waitress brought the bill and he showed her what he had in his napkin. What i am upset about is that she just made a comment saying that they had just came abs sprayed and with her fingers she displayed crawly things. She took the napkin and patted the bill and walked off. I sat there stunned as to what to do. Our bill was 38.38 we came in about 1230pm. We both ordered tbone steak and eggs.We also made a few substitution. I have worked in restaurants and customer service all my life and i would have done more to make this a positive experience. So when we went to pay the bill i asked her if she would adjust the bill. She said she had to talk to the manager. I fell that…  View Gripe »

Different Ihop, different prices (7/20/15)

I am sick and tired of going to different IHOP locations and having the pricing be so different.  That is one thing that should be consistent amongst all locations. One place doesn't charge extra for turkey bacon replacement and another does which really bothers me.  View Gripe »