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accounts blocked (3/16/17)

I have 2 accounts foongfyk@gmail.com IGG ID 388743142 locked 2+billion chips foongyokkokjames@gmail.com IGG ID 172432024 locked 2.6 plus billion chips We used to play using this 2 accounts by family members. We never sell or buy any chips from outsider. initially, we only have one account. But chips were lost and get back after complainted. To play safe, we decided to open the 2nd account by transfering chips through games played. early March, my old account was locked again. I was still okay to play with my new account. But to play safe, again I open my 3rd account. before I can reach my target, my 2nd account was locked again, which balance little chips with my 3rd account. I felt unsecure to continue playing anymore. because, I do not know when my chips will be blocked again. This let me feel that I should do a complaint. Thank you.  View Gripe »


I have proble with texaspoker deluxe.for the last 3 weeks is been a night mater, a total of 75.00 dollars have been stolen from my account,50.00 were chips 25.00dollars from FB. account 40.00dollars from my cc.,too many time is unbelief that can happen. can u help me maybe close all poker site and star with a new one .thankyou,hope to hear from u soon.annamaria marrone  View Gripe »

on line poker site (4/24/16)

when you have a problem with chips bought you have to jump through rings of fire to collect what you are owed.  View Gripe »

Texas Holdem poker (11/5/15)

Always getting "hacked" although I believe its IGG who take ur chips so you'll buy more to get hacked once is unfortunate but I make a whole new account new password etc and every damn time I get hacked I can go few months at a time with a new account but they always get me hmmm IGGs resolution is always the same can't find irregular activity and they offer an amythest worth a whole 60m lol I've been hacked for billions some bought some won and they offer u 60m ha rIGGed  View Gripe »

texas holdem poker deluxe (9/24/15)

im locked out of the game and would like to know why thank you for your time Michael garay  View Gripe »

Poker game (9/1/15)

My Facebook poker game was locked by the company with 30 million chips and they don't want to replace them.. They continue to tell me to change password.. I have twice and they don't seem to acknowledge it..  View Gripe »