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Hamburger and hot dog buns (7/30/15)

Purchased hamburger and hotdog buns from Joe Caputo produce store in Desplaines. Buns were smaller, Now only 11oz pkg. Had to cut hot dogs down lengthwise so we could fit mustard and onions,. Why are you cheaping this product? Hambuger buns are smaller also. Can only fit 1/8 lb burger and being careful not to bite your fingers. At one time buns were 15oz,then 14oz then 12oz and now 11oz. Smallest pkg. on market. Disgusted and have to look into different brands.  View Gripe »

supermarket (7/18/15)

A particular store (Malibu) has had several notices to keep itself in stock. They can't seem to figure out how to. The 1st thing we get taught in school about business is - don't let yourself run out of stock. Since these guys can't get a grasp on that basic concept, they should either stop selling the item, or just shut the shop down. I myself have notified them, and nothing changed, my sister just went down and had the same issue. If they can't keep stock, why stay open?  View Gripe »