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copper infused energy socks (1/18/17)

I placed my order for these socks on January 4. I have yet to hear status of the order, let alone having received it. Attempts to reach you at your website ( will not go through. What is the status, and if you don't plan on filling the order, credit my Visa account. Otherwise, I will have to take matters beyond this simple request. Thank you. Dale Niedbalski Crowley, Texas  View Gripe »

micro touch one safety razor (3/6/16)

were do I get replacement blades?  View Gripe »

Yes Finishing Touch (2/24/16)

a raised piece of wire has appeared on my Yes. I have only had it since August 2015. Will you send me a replacement for the fine mesh head??  View Gripe »


I purchased this product May2015,as of Dec2015 it does not work.I have tried to charge it and it still doesn't work.I purchased it in Walmart with a 2yr free replacement plan.Walmart will not replace it because it was over the 90 day period.I was told to call said to call Idealvillage which I did,they asked for a copy of the receipt and they would take are of it,that was Dec29.I called and they can't do anything either.,that call was Jan 20.I called them again they took the info and said a supervisor will call,haven't heard anything.I called Walmart care again they said to call Idealvillage ,I called today but you are not open on Sat.All I want is to have this item replaced or refund my money.I am tired of going back and forth with these companies and not getting any were.Thank you Mrs Josephine Duryea 272 Wells N.Y 12190 518-924-2555  View Gripe »

Amazing arms (9/1/15)

On 8/17/15, I ordered Amazing Arms. Order number 15382773. No one I have spoken with can help me find out anything about this order. I need HELP. Please someone must be able to do something about this. Thank you for your consideration with this matter.  View Gripe »