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Cancelation of ticket (2/19/16)

When I got stuck in traffic on the way to Reykjavik airport I tried to cancel my reservation on Air Iceland. Their conditions stated that my reservation could be canceled up to the time the flight departed. I tried dozens and dozens of times to cancel my reservation, but to my dismay it kept coming up that the page was down and couldn't take care of this. I unfortunately couldn't call as I didn't have an Icelandic mobile. Once I got to the airport I was told by a ticket agent they'd take care of my situation and to wait. Then another agent came out and told me they couldn't help me even though another person said they'd help me. To add to things they lied to me saying you could not cancel online. I submitted my complaint to my credit card company. I was reimbursed by them, only to have Air Iceland come back and resubmit the charge. They are a rather petty company to do this. I'm beyond upset and feel I never want to go back to Iceland again!!  View Gripe »

on line order (12/15/15)

I have been mislead. I recently ordered shopping and paid for a turkey crown which was not delivered I have been informed that the crowns have all been sold and i will get a refund.This scenario and service is at best very poor at worst absolutely useless.I have had to shop elsewhere for the goods A goodwill gesture from the company for their error could have provided a compensating factor I wait in hopeful anticipation  View Gripe »

Airline (12/12/15)

My friend & I have unfortunately canceled our trip to Paris, due to the recent security concerns & extreme pressure from family. Additionally my friend recently become sick and needs to start treatment. We went to cancel our flights & were informed we would only be able to receive 50% of our money. Originally I reached out to the company on their corporate website & they responded within less than 5 minutes saying there was nothing they can do without even looking into my concern or asking for information. After making a complaint on Twitter, they reached out to me & said there was still nothing they can do but only give me 50% of our flight money back. It was just a little unnerving that they wouldn't even consider making an exception especially with the security issues that are going on in Paris right now. They chose to focus on my friends health issue stating it was our fault for not getting the insurance as if that was the only issue. Thank you for listening!  View Gripe »