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Did you get the wrong sized shirt? Here's the scoop on everything you need to know about how H&M handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for H&M are typically related to men's and women's clothing, customer service interactions, sizing, returns, charges, styles, and lines.

The H&M Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature, usually featuring deals. They do not have their "Message" button activated which means you cannot contact them through Facebook chat messenger.

H&M has a dedicated Twitter handle which is used for Customer Service, and is very active.

H&M does not have Google+ page.

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Customer service phone disconnected (12/3/16)

Hm.com Customer service phone line is disconnected. Down for 2 days. No shipping confirmation of my order. No order after 5 days. Wow - how can this be? Terrible service.  View Gripe »

Sale associate (8/28/16)

I want to complain about a sale associate at H and M quail spring mall on Sunday 28th 2016 , the cashier was not friendly at all, she took the clothes from the hungers and threw them in the bag with an attitude , and she also charged me more money than I had to pay , and she put the receipt inside the bag so I went back the line and spoke with another associate, who did apologize to me and was friendly.  View Gripe »

Instant Armour Top Coat (4/19/16)

Bought a sealed box of nail polish. Just opened it and the bottle was half empty. The little product left was so solid, it's unusable. Store manager states no refunds on beauty products. I just want a full bottle of usable product! What a rip off!  View Gripe »

Clothing exchange (1/1/16)

Tried to exchange dress (with label attached) that was given as a xmas gift, to be told by staff member that no one allows exchanges dresses without receipt and then accused me of stealing it somewhere else and tying to exchange in store. Complained to manager, they done nothing - all I got was "she's new" - that's irrelevant - you don't go round accusing people of stealing and obviously she hadn't been trained in the exchange policy!!! Needs to get some manners  View Gripe »

Online Exchange (10/13/15)

Purchased $400 worth of merchandise. Had to exchange $77 worth different sizes. Took over 2 weeks for exchange to "begin." They charged me the $77 again immediately. Told me to wait a week for my refund. (So I paid $400 + $77). When I called to ask to have the process explained to me - customer service representative hung up on me after lying to me about the refund. This was the second phone call (first I was given wrong information by first rep) about when I'd see my refund. They nearly overdrew my account.  View Gripe »

Men's bracelet (9/16/15)

Purchased in New Orleans (on vacation) 4 Sept 2015. Magnet that holds bracelet together came unsoldered/unglued, so the bracelet won't stay clasped. Tried to return it with the receipt to the new CityCentre store in Houston (my home) on 15 Sept 2015. I was told that I had worn it, so I couldn't return it. Called customer service and was told the same thing; then she suggested that I had snagged it on something and damaged it. There is zero damage to the bracelet. One side of the magnet was not properly assembled, period.  View Gripe »

Menlo Park (5/19/15)

Your Menlo Park location is poorly organized, the staff don't care about their customers, and there was no one willing to show me to a fitting room.  View Gripe »

Easy iron shirt (11/23/14)

Bought an easy iron shirt at your Quakerbridge location today. Cashier forgot to remove the security tag and when the alarms sounded, she told me to keep going. Didn't realize it was still attached until I got home. Ridiculous.  View Gripe »

Pants cont'd part ii (11/22/14)

Being told by that supervisor that H&M is too dangerous a place to shop at since one never knows from one minute to the next what a price will be, & they will never honor any price difference - why would I add tension, greed and a roll of the dice in pricing to my purchase - for my money I would like forthrightnedd uprightness responsibility and courteousness. What is wrong here is blind greed - yuck! In all my vast online Purchases such blatant 'taking' has never reared it's ugly head. Ptooey  View Gripe »

Item 511826 (11/22/14)

Purchased pants few hours b4 half-off - even support didn't understand - put thru to hostile supervisor- tho' I haven't even rec'd my pants yet wouldn't honor sale price - she ignored the $1000's already spent and to be made from me as a Satisfied customer to stiff me for a measly $9 - no other online merchant has ever failed to honor a price while it's still in the mail - too big to care about their customers- There are 2 many clear-thinking stores to volunteer my $ - can't consider this one.  View Gripe »