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Laptop not responding? Here's what you need to know about how HP handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for HP are typically related to HDTV not working, Laptop not responding, Device power failure, Laptop suddenly crashing, Touchpad stopped working.

The Hewlett-Packard Facebook page seems to be active and promotional in nature. They do not have their "Message" button activated which may mean that you cannot contact them through a personal message, however, with a large following this could easily get lost.

HP has a dedicated, customer service Twitter handle. It is a fairly active account with a decent sized group of followers.

The Hewlett-Packard Google+ account is similar to their Facebook page.

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Computer warranty, hp Pavillion 550 (4/1/17)

I have come to the conclusion Hewlett-Packard warranties are worthless! I bought a Pavilion computer and since then have had to reset it by removing all other hardware and internet connection leaving only the monitor, keyboard and mouse connected, pulling the power plug and holding the power switch down for 30 seconds. I have to do this every day and sometimes two, three or more times in any given day. After much searching of their completely worthless www.support.hp/com website, I finally got a telephone number to call and after going through the automated voice response system finally reached a technician (probably in India, judging from the accent) who said it was a software problem. So? I did not install the Windows 10 product, they did. They did not send a disk so that I could reinstall it. (I would have preferred Windows-7). I t seems like they want to blame anyone else to get out of honoring their warranty.  View Gripe »

HP TouchSmart 520-1032 Desktop PC (1/4/17)

Entire machine has frozen - touchscreen - keyboard - mouse - everything. Been over all their "not helpful" webpages and zero success. Need the recovery software but alas HP says too old - too bad Well too bad for HP as this old guy is buying elsewhere  View Gripe »

Instant Ink program (11/16/16)

If you sign up for the $4.99 plan and go over the 100 pages it's $1 per page. If you don't use all the ink when they think you should and do not use the cartridges they send you, you have to return them if you cancel, they will no longer work. This is a rip off, basically you are paying double for one cartridge verses going to a store and purchasing the cartridge. I do no recommend this program to anyone and will definitely spread the work on what a waste of money it is.  View Gripe »

HP ENVY 34 inch Curved Screen Computer (9/14/16)

I bought the new unit in April at Best Buy. I immediately had a problem with a locked screen and they had to erase a previous password, suggesting my unit had been returned already. last weekend I moved the unit to clean underneath it. Again, cleaned it. I didnt drop it. When I turned it on rhe screen had an internal crack. Best Buy can't fix it...no parts, and HP won't honor their 1 year warranty. So I guess going the social media route is my only path.  View Gripe »

HP Instank Ink (4/9/16)

They claimed they would take 4.99 a month however they took 11.00 out of my account. My credit card was reissued due to fraud transactions and HP shut down my printer. Yes, they disabled my printer to print due to non pay. They have no right. I own this printer and paid for it and they have all access and controls to stop your printer from printing. I haven't made by 40 copies and they shut it down.  View Gripe »

Printer Inkjet 6700 (2/22/16)

This is the third HP printer that has died after a printhead failure. I was warned when recycling the second machine but it's such a handsome home printer that I gave in to another. How disappointing. Here I am in the middle of selling my home dealing with the printing needs and it failed. I even was honorable to purchase HP Ink, and I am thinking that I have been double-duped. It doesn't matter that I am a trustworthy customer but I must remember the machine is not manufactured to last more than 3-years. Go figure, you would think a 76-year old would know better. So, guess I'll be moving on probably to a laser printer?  View Gripe »

printer repair store #0640 (9/21/15)

reuodTook printer in for repair, have purchased and done business with this store for several years. Waited in line, until my turn, Tech, Vance Logotta ( I think spelling is close to being correct)., there is only one who goes by Van. He opened the lid, it was an HP, model not remembered as Van took it in for recycling, telling me it had rusted??? I questioned, immeiadetly told me he wouldn't own a Hewlett Packard anything, it was a combo printer, fax, scan, wireless, a very sophisticated. He immediately ushered me to Brother, and any other mfg., even though I told him I wanted a HP, as they had given me good service in the past. He again said he would not invest a dime in HP, other customers were in the aisle, he had a very smart and sarcastic attitude, I used my friend as an excuse to go to lunch with her, and I would think it over. I still purchased a new HP Printer, w/features that my old one had, but at Best Buy. These comments, loud and sarcastic, to be heard by custs.  View Gripe »

Desk Jet 3054 A - Printer (9/18/15)

I purchased a HP Printer. My daughter installed it on my computer. I tried diligently to use it but it did not work. At that time I had an older computer and thought that might be the problem. I purchased a new computer and tried again to no avail. In between I have been using friends and relatives printers and public printers to take care of my printing needs. Finally, about 3 weeks ago I spent 3 hours on the phone with HP technical Support. The Technician got it to print but colors were so awful ( I work in Real Estate) it made a the brick house I printed out look like it was dripping in "Blood" I am not seeking Unjust Enrichment. I only want what I paid for, a " Printer That Works". I have been a loyal HP customer for many years. This is probably my 4th or 5th HP Printer. I have never had a problem like this.What I want is for HP to replace the Printer with one that works. That is what I paid for. Denise Boesel 2046 Dunwoody St Atlanta, Georgia 30317  View Gripe »

HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 (9/15/15)

The printer is two years old. It has stopped working. It has a message on its screen that says," There is a problem with the Printer or ink system." I went on your site and followed the "Trouble shooting" instructions for this problem. None of the suggestions fixed the printer. I called your tech support service and was told there would be a charge of between $150 and $200 if they could fix it. I declined. Unless this problem can be resolved satisfactorily, I will never purchase another HP product for myself, my business or my family.  View Gripe »

Laptop (8/29/15)

I bought this laptop in June, 2015. It's been junk ever since. It is suppose to be touchscreen, I don't know where. It continually freezes up. It takes forever to load. Now constantly getting message that Display Disk has recovered. or script has stopped running. It's very frustrating. It,s not your top but I still paid about $550.00 for it.  View Gripe »