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Hertz Rent-A-Car
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Category: Automotive Rentals, No Drivers
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The types of issues that people complain about on social networks for Hertz Rent-A-Car are typically related to refunds, mileage on the cars, car quality, extra fees, upgrades, and availability of cars.

The Hertz Rent-A-Car Facebook page is active and promotional in nature. They also address Customer Service issues and seem to be diligent in offering feedback. They have an activated “Message” button which means you can contact them using the Facebook chat messenger function.

Hertz Rent-A-Car has a verified Twitter handle which is used for Customer Service and is very active.

The Hertz Google+ is used periodically for promotion. It is verified and has a small following.

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Car Rental (3/16/17)

Lousy from soup to nuts. They billed me for the next driver's tolls among many other things. Customer service is the worst.  View Gripe »

Car rental (2/24/17)

I received horrible service from Hertz. After receiving a promise for a prorated refund for early return (used 2 days of 7 day prepaid rental) I am now being told sorry we communicated incorrectly. I'll spare the rest of the details about my poor experience with Hertz. I'm not giving Hertz another hour of my time to recap it all again. They are inconsistent, poorly trained, use archaic processes, and appear unconcerned with life cycle vales of customers.  View Gripe »

Mishandling of my item left in car (5/3/16)

Below is screen shots of what I posted on their FB page after months of frustration with local Dover, De office and their 800 customer service reps.  View Gripe »

Car Rental (4/20/16)

Hertz agent added a service we were not asking for nor knew we were being charged for until credit card statement came in  View Gripe »

Car Rental (2/11/16)

Dear Hertz, Once upon a time I got into a car accident. My insurance company provides rentals for just such an occasion. They use you. The body shop wanted our car Monday January 25th to begin work and we were scheduled to pick up our rental Saturday January 23rd. Saturday, January 23rd came around and the office with our appointment was closed due to inclement weather. Your main phone system that takes calls when a location is closed, tried to argue with my husband and I about whether or not it was actually closed. After everyone finally agreed the location was indeed closed, we were informed that an adjacent location was still open, but they do not provide insurance rentals. This adjacent location was at an airport. Again, this Hertz location was open. The airport however was also closed, but we wouldn't be able to get a car from there and have our insurance cover it. The solution to this problem was that my husband and I had to borrow a vehicle from his parents…  View Gripe »

I could not find the customer relations (2/3/16)

Hertz, like some other international firms has made it difficult to file complaints about their services. I rented a car for a week, the car had problems in the second day, I waited half a day for the hertz peronal to come and change the car, I wasted my day, they charged me for a full day rental plus gasoline. I tried to reach their customer service but it was impossible... There is no information available...I am not going to rent a car from Hertz again.... I also will tell my friends not rent cars from Hertz.  View Gripe »

Car hire (2/2/16)

It's ridiculous to cancel a car hire purchased months ago during the Christmas period from a regular customer citing an "ID check". You had months to check my ID and it is your systems at fault here with a false positive. This happened in Hackney, UK but it's general Hertz policy to do this when an ID check fails. You have failed to fulfil your part of the contact and you could have taken reasonable steps to do checks ahead of time instead of last minute, making it really had to find a replacement car. You owe us a couple of taxi fares and phone call costs as we would have missed our Eurotunnel transfer if I hadn't rushed to find a replacement.  View Gripe »

Fiat 500L (1/26/16)

For 5 years rented class d car for $1600 from hertz. Last year prepaid our car and got to rome to find out travel agent booked a class b. After arguing for 4 hours in 45'C heat we finally got the car we requested from our travel agent. Upon our return we were charged for an upgrade of $1100! So the car cost $2700 and hertz refuses to admit that the error is related to their affiliated company ( the travel agent) and refusing to address our issue any further. Also, they continue to randomly withdraw money for tickets, repairs, fines. None of which have supporting paperwork. Never will use hertz again.  View Gripe »

Car (1/13/16)

Hired a car in NYC.. found a prophylactic in the car.. am I in a Seinfeld episode?  View Gripe »

Car Rental (11/13/15)

Overcharged several times. I had prepaid my Hertz Rental for pickup at Gatwick Airport on October 3rd , 2015 and return to same on Oct. 24th, 2015. I had prepaid with Priceline and all was well with the pick up and prepayment. I new there would be some extra charge after I turned the car in for I took their Gas prepay deal etc.. There was NO damage or problem with the car and I was very happy until charges started piling up on my Visa Car. One charge for $154.32 another for $108.93 and another for $108.93 again. I'm sure I owe for one of these but not all! Can you help or direct me?? Rental Record #244026860 Thank you Philip Wright - maxphuzzy@aol.com or 407-222-9939  View Gripe »