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Room service taking forever? Here’s how Hampton Hotels engages with customer feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for Hampton are typically related to their online booking system, lack of available amenities, and theft or infrequent housekeeping services.

Hampton’s Facebook page is primarily promotional, announcing new properties and ways to save at their various hotels. The page however does respond to customer feedback in the comments section, and the conversation is usually taken to private message to be resolved.

Hampton also has a Twitter handle that is devoted to both marketing and customer service. Unsatisfied customers can tweet at the account and expect a prompt response. The page is also used for giveaways, community engagement, and promotions.

Hampton also has a consolidated location on Google Plus which is primarily used to announce new hotel locations and advertise the various amenities onsite at these properties.

Have a suggestion for Hampton as to how they can improve processing customer feedback on social media? Let us know.
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Travel (4/21/17)

I visited the Hampton Inn located at 10740 Westside Parkway Alpharetta, GA on 2/5/17. After checking out the next day, I sat in my car in the Hampton Inn parking lot (which quickly turned into 3 hours) to fill out job applications prior to leaving the premises. In doing so, I received responses back from potential employers. For some reason, I had a bad Wi-Fi signal and could not reply back. I went back inside in hopes of getting a better signal. One of the employees named Mohnish kept staring at me so I let him know the reason why I was there (I wasn’t sure if he recalled me checking out earlier) and that I hoped to resolve it soon since it was passed lunchtime. He grabbed a few snacks and a drink. I sat in the common area to figure out the Wi-Fi issue. Before I knew it, he walked over to the common area by the window and insisted that I sit over there (as if the signal was better at that location). Mohnish had different intentions. I did not know what his intentions were until he…  View Gripe »

Hotel (9/17/15)

I was double charged for a stay. They did not respond to my emails or BBB complaint. They just do not care.  View Gripe »

hotel stay (8/19/15)

Hampton Inn Madison Ga. very low quality, dirty and unsafe. I stayed there June 2015, beware!  View Gripe »

Unhappy (7/21/15)

I had a reservation for a month. The day before my stay I received an email saying my credit card was invalid. The same card I used for the reservation. When I called the person who answered the phone refused to identify herself. She couldn't tell me what invalid meant. Plenty of money in the bank so I don't understand what is going on.She just kept saying we need a credit card. I kept saying I don't know what invalid means. There is money in the bank. She says I am cancelling your reservation we don't want your business and hangs up in my face. I call back to speak to a manager. She won't tell me the managers name and hangs up in my face again. Rude employee and horrible customer service. Not a way to be in the world of hospitality.  View Gripe »

NOT happy (7/20/15)

Not as clean as most Hampton Inns are;but the really big negative,was no hot coffee..was barely warm in the carafe.I love the oatmeal,but the consistency was not good.Actually the whole room was not so clean. When you tell an employee about it,all they did was say oh,sorry. I love staying in Hampton Inns..in fact this is service as it should be. We are in The Hampton Inn in Ocala, Florida. Nice Staff. Thanks, do not like to complain, but; for the sake of others I have.  View Gripe »

Very frustrated (7/19/15)

I was wrongful terminated for harassment and retaliation and discrimination against me. I went to the management and GM they told me basically its her way or the door. I must do what she says and have no respond to how she talks to people.  View Gripe »

Unhappy (7/17/15)

I was staying in room 307 at the Hampton Inn. Throughout the night I heard loud noises I called the front desk they said they resolve the problem but I continue to hear nosiness and when I left out to go down stairs I smell this very bad odor that smell like drugs I also told the desk clerk if was not nothing the clerk can do for me . This my business trip and I decided to stay here i couldn't get what I wanted down because of to many interruptions. I'm very unsatisfactory. I Was Not Happy With My Stay!  View Gripe »

Disappointed (7/16/15)

Upon arrival to this hotel, the front dear staff were sitting down on the chairs in the lobby. No proper greeting or friendly smiles. First impression was a disappointment. If that wasn't bad enough, the front desk person was confused and couldn't decide which room to assign to us. No usual offering of snacks such as cookies and/or popped corn. Upon entry into our room I was immediately disappointed in the appearance all old furniture. Given the coat of this room, I would expect these rooms be updated. The maintenance people Trevor, imparticular, was very helpful as there were a couple of issues the toilet wouldn't flush and the thermometer was located on the wall and wasn't controlled on the heating unit itself (no one instructed). Also, the employees who helped with the breakfast were cheerful and had the breakfast items well stocked and looking fresh  View Gripe »

Overcharged (7/15/15)

On 2-13-15 my wife and i checked in at the Haampton inn in Blytheville Ar.We paid 110.36 in CASH and took recpt.Had to leave our credit card for possible damage deposit,we told the girl do not swipe the card.We picked up our card am 2-15 and left no damage etc. im 80 yrs old wife about the same.We retruned home 2 wks. later to find a 119.36 bill on our credit card.After 6 calls e mail etc nothing.Our credit card was used with out out permission and someone kept our 110.36.Stay far away from there there a bunch of low down dirty cons,P.S. MOLLY the manager is a real peach lol to do business with.Molly i hope you read this you s--- b---  View Gripe »

hotel (7/15/15)

Lots of complaints Dirty beds low water pressure never enough towels. Had 3 separate rooms. Complaints from all 3  View Gripe »