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Stailess Steel Electric Kettle (11/27/15)

This is the second time that I bout a Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel Electric Kettle ( Type K44; model 40882E). After about a year, my first one started to leak (I'm 56 years old and have never had this happen). When I called the company they said that I needed to have the receipt. I decided to just buy a replacement thinking that this was perhaps an isolated incident. Well, it's leaking again and after buying a second one in the good faith in the "Hamilton Beach" name, I am respectfully requesting that "Hamilton Beach either refund my money for both kettles or send me a new one. Sincerely, Lisa Langlois  View Gripe »

Hamilton Beach (8/5/15)

I need to replace stainless Steel Blades and Carving Fork for Part No. 74275. lost in moving  View Gripe »

Still waiting for a part to arrive (7/22/15)

Hi every one, I buy the mini blender 5months stop working the base where the engine is smell burning I call customer Sevice they ask me for different code in the machine. Them they ask me for $7.99 to replace the base machine, I paid with my credit car, that was July /29 / today is August - 24 I still waiting for the base engine blender part  View Gripe »

Still waiting to speak with a supervisor (7/21/15)

I've called three times since sending this on 8/11. Still no call back or Supervisor. I got to Mary's voicemail today but she's not in. Mary was suppose to call me back after last week's call but I never heard from her. Thinking the customer service is even worst then the instructions. Last resort is filing a claim with the BBB. Really hate to go that route but seen an earlier post about coffee maker dripping water everywhere and am starting to think this coffee maker isn't a great as I thought it was. I purchased a flex brew. Great idea if it worked as it should. I brewed several pots of coffee and 3 pods. The 4th pod did not brew. The water went into the pot. I checked to be sure the button was switched to POD and assumed it was something I was doing because it was my first cup and I was still sleepy. I brewed several more before I gave up and made a pot of coffee instead. Over the course of several weeks, I tried to brew several more PODs. No luck. During this time I lost my Aunt…  View Gripe »

Power cord was broken (7/20/15)

I purchase a Hamilton Beach rice cooker about less then a year ago, just a day ago my pregnant girl was starting to make rice for us and when she pluged in the rice cooker a spark came from the power cord and shorted out my circuit. I am a service technician for a company in west paterson, the power cord shorted out because it cracked. I have pictures of it. I can send it to you. I just don't want anyone to get hurt. Thank god I was there when it happened.. please email me back at.. Cruz. Thank you and hope to hear from someone..  View Gripe »

Very annoyed (6/19/15)

I purchased a Hamilton Beach single serve blender. I still have the receipt and it is supposed to have 5 years warranty. When I go to hamilton beach site...it only lets you fill out the contact us bar with USA zip codes and states...I live in Canada. It also wants you to say serial codes etc. but i threw the thing out. I do however have the receipt.... will you honour it? It was purchased 12/02/2013. It conked out last week. I can scan the receipt...  View Gripe »

Very frustrated (6/19/15)

my 1st hamilton beach brew station lasted about 1yr. it quit entirely. no luck with cust. service. warranty expired. bought a h/b brew station model 47900. the light that serves the time/warm time,etc went out. on and off button/light continues to work. coffee maker works ok. called cust. service several weeks ago and was told by my c/sperson that she would check with her supervisor, but she didn't think this unit had a light. they were going to get a 47900,research it and call me.... no word called yesterday. left msg. 24 hrs later.no response. called back and held on for less than 4 min. (very good). liz could help by sending me a new one for approx.$42.78. walmart wants $59.99. what a deal.... sorry folks, i'm tired of this Chinese junk we are getting. so long hamilton beach. i'm taking my business elsewhere. now they want me to agree to allow them to change my comments to their satisfaction... are you kidding me ????????????????  View Gripe »

Poor quality (6/17/15)

Our Brew Station coffee maker was bought and used once a week at a lake house, and then brought to town and used every day for a year. It failed, leaving water all over the counter, after less than 2 years of actual usage. The Hamilton Beach response? "We have a 1 year warranty". So I say I might as well buy an $18 coffee maker at Wal Mart and throw it away every year - and so should you. SHAME ON YOU Hamilton Beach for selling such mediocre products (and our friends who had the same coffee pot had the SAME issue).  View Gripe »

Never again (6/17/15)

Got a H B microwave a couple of years ago. It wasn't very long(after I tossed the receipt and blew off the warranty) til it started making a horrendous sound like bad breaks on a car. I knew then that I had bought a lemon.It too a while but finally it conked out today.The lights blinked and it finally totally died. Reading how the customer service is, I now no I will never EVER purchase another H B product PERIOD  View Gripe »

Water went everywhere (6/13/15)

I purchased the Hamilton beach flex brew coffee maker in march 2015 and today may 17 2015 I tried to make coffee this morning and water was coming out everywhere except where it is supposed to nothing went through the brew basket. I paid 100.00 dollars for this model and only used it 2 months. I don't think I will be purchasing another Hamilton beach product or recommending it to anyone  View Gripe »