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Hamburg Overhead Door, Inc
5659 Herman Hill Road
Hamburg, NY 14075
United States

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Category: Lumber & Other Building Materials
Sub Category: Homebuilding & Renovation
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Customer Service (6/29/15)

Clarence Center. Scheduled appointment, worker showed up, said no part, call the office. Took a day off work for this and the girl says to me " it's still early, go in". Really? No offer of compensation for my time, like a discount or anything. Just that we'll call to reschedule. I think not. Other companies have the part and WANT my business. 15 year customer, repeat 4 times. Never again.  View Gripe »

Garage door repair (7/15/14)

Scheduled appt for garage door repair is 12:30-4:30 time frame. i called @ 1:25 asking for a better idea of time, and was told they'd try to get a hold of tech and i'd hear back. Still no response @ 330, i called again and was told that he'd be here by 4:30. i received a call at 4:32 when i told him i no longer wanted his service. i have waited for 4 hours without the respect of a simple phone call. terrible customer service, i have a lot of options!!!!!  View Gripe »