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Education (1/28/16)

Hallmark University is one of 13 San Antonio businesses sponsoring the FRC Screaming Chicken Team 3997, meeting at 1118 Mt. Riga, San Antonio, TX 78213 for the past 4 years. Residents of Castle Park are very concerned about the traffic hazards, street blockage, and safety the meetings have caused. 24-30 teens assemble robotics in the driveway of their mentor, Caroline Crosson, 3 times a week from 5-9 pm. Although the endeavor is noble, issues have raised the ire of residents: 1. The teens park vehicles on both sides of the residential street, blocking drive-through traffic and compromising the safety of neighborhood children, walkers and joggers. 2. The teens are exposed to heat, wind chill and rain while working in the driveway. 3. Caroline Crosson has garnered financial support from 13 businesses (see website link). We suggest she rent a building outside of the present area that is zoned for single-family living.…  View Gripe »