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The types of issues that people complain on social networks for Hallmark are typically related to poor customer service, rude employees, and product defects.

The Hallmark Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature. They do have their Message button activated, which means you can contact them through Facebook chat messenger. However, effectiveness may be limited given a very large following.

Hallmark has a company brand Twitter handle which is used for Customer Service, and seems to be quite active.

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cards (9/16/15)

while shoppin at Walgreens, Elmwood Park, il today, i was looking for a card. More than 1/2 of the cards had no envelopes. I had to look for one to fit the size of the card i was purchasing and the color did not match. When I told the clerk at the register, she kind of laughed and said "yea I know" If i was not in such a rush I would have gone some where else to purchase the card  View Gripe »

Bad customer service (7/22/15)

Hallmark Cards in Hillsborough, NJ, Manager, Stephanie discriminates against older people who apply for work. Trying to contact the corporate office besides customer service and they make it impossible. AARP, NAR, and the Better Business Bureau have been contacted. This woman does no service towards projecting a good image for the Company she represents. She berates younger workers, is snotty to customers and basically complains to people about her job responsibilities.  View Gripe »

Poor Customer Service (7/17/15)

I truly love your movies but there's one problem. The sound is very bad. The music is way too loud and the voices way too soft .. or they're not enunciated well enough. All I've watched have been that way. Is there anything you can do about it? I have to turn the sound up to 80 and then the music overwhelms me. Please, please? Thank you so much.  View Gripe »

Bad customer service (7/16/15)

Hallmark has horrid customer service. I was shunted off to Avanquestnorthamerica which is truly a ripoff outfit. They issue you a "ticket" as though they are looking into you consumer complaint and then the ticket mysteriously disappears after about 7 days. You can call a number on the Hallmark site but it's a phone grid that tells you to contact Avanquest online. Round and round you go. Truly disgusted at Hallmark. My Hallmark card studio program "expired". I had no idea that they could install a drop dead date on purchased software. Very mad.  View Gripe »

Disappointed (7/15/15)

Hallmark Channel used to be my favorite channel. Unfortunately because I can't be home on the one and only day you play certain shows, I have missed season endings and season premieres of Cedar Cove, when calls the heart, and the Good Witch. Because I don't know what's going on and you never replay them, I have stopped watching all together. I tried to install the Hallmark Channel app and I can't even watch them on that. This is very disappointing as I love your TV programs but if I can't watch them I can't really watch your channel anymore.  View Gripe »

Bad customer service (7/12/15)

What has happened to Hallmark Customer Service? I am having a terrible time trying to get help with my new Hallmark Studio Card 2014 order. It's NOT working right & I need to talk to a Supervisor...Please!  View Gripe »

Advertisments in cards (7/11/15)

I purchased a graduation card for my niece at our local grocery store. I read the inside and noticed an "ad" in the left hand corner. And it was a rather large and obvious "ad" but, thinking it was a sticker I could peel off and being in a rush, I purchased the card. Later I discover that the ad is printed on the card. Its a QR code with the caption, "Like it? Share it!" with their web site. Who does that??? Who tried to generate buzz and business by printing an ad on a product that they advertise as being a heartfelt personal comment from one person to another? Very disappointed. Very tacky.  View Gripe »

Must be replaced (7/10/15)

I abosulety demand that my mother hallmark watch and bracelet set to be replaces. It has water in the glass and going all black. I paid 2500 foe that set and it unexceptable. Truworth refuses return. Has your quality fallen,mom is dissapointed. I demand comoensation for moms gift. I want a new set for her. It is only fair. I dont make millions and i treat only my mom. Regards Marissa  View Gripe »

Poor quality (6/19/15)

For months I have contacted DISH with problems and we have changed cables, receivers and the same problem exists and I tried Best Buy which I bought new TVs and the programming but still it persists with the voice being out of sync on Hallmark and Movies and Mysteries. The problem must be on your end. I went to sister's house who has WAVE and same problem with out of sync. You need to check quality control on your end  View Gripe »

Christmas in the summer… (6/17/15)

I am disappointed to say the least that on the 4th of July you have Christmas movies. I won't be watching. Celebrating the birth of a nation and you are shoveling Christmas. Fire the one you talked you all into that showing.  View Gripe »