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H2O Wireless
2200 Fletcher Avenue 6th Floor
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
United States

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Category: Radiotelephone Communications
Sub Category: Telecom (Wireless Provider)
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Monthly Unlimited Plan (7/26/15)

I purchased 2 SIM cards and 2 plan refill cards from H2O to transfer our family's phones to their service. After activating- even when the phones showed that I was in a good service rang- only some calls would connect, and I sometimes could't send or receive texts on one phone, and on the other phone, I couldn't text at all! I emailed, then called H2O to explain my situation, and they refused a refund, stating that the SIM cards were "nonrefundable" even though they should have call history showing that I spoke with their representatives for two hours trying to get the phones to work. I know my phones were not the problem because they worked fully both before and after using H2O. I paid for a full month's service but it made our phones unusable; a full refund IS possible because I paid online with a card that they have on file. H2O says they can't because I'm no longer in their system... I had to switch service because their product didn't work!  View Gripe »