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H&R Block
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Category: Tax Return Preparation Services
Sub Category: Financial Services (Non-bank & Insurance)

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Had problems filing taxes with H&R Block? Here's the scoop on everything you need to know about how H&R Block handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for H&R Block are typically related to billing problems, tardiness, and poor customer service.

The H&R Block Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature. They do have their "Message" button activated which means you can contact them through Facebook chat messenger, however, effectiveness may limited given a very large following.

H&R Block has a company brand Twitter handle which is used for Customer Service, and seems to be quite active.

The H&R Block Google+ is active and used for promotion. It has a large following and is verified.

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down loading tax package (11/18/15)

I downloaded a tax package from an email and the charge was $32.80. The charge was duplicated to my discover card and I have been unable in five tries to resolve the issue. Customer service hangs up on me. Discover is aware of the issue but I am frustrated. I was told once that I would receive a credit but it has not happened.  View Gripe »

Online Basic Tax Preparation (2/4/15)

My federal return was rejected by the IRS and after chatting with support, I was given the error code (F8962-006). After a Google search and reading the instructions on IRS Form 8962, I figured out that your calculation to determine the percentage on Line 5 is incorrect. There are very specific instructions on how to round that figure, which is not correct in your software. I want to electronically file my return, but I need you to fix your software first. So much for full and accurate results!  View Gripe »

Taxes (5/17/14)

My husband Ralph died of a massive heart attack on June 29,2011. As you can imagine me and my two sons were completely devastated. Our income drastically reduced,but I continued to go to Bambi at the Olean, NY office. This past year I was charged $229 for my 1040a, which is most definitely an overcharge, last year I was a homeowner and dealt with a short-sale on my previous house, however this year,with less complications, the price remained the same. I require an explanation for this, thank you  View Gripe »