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Are your brand new appliances failing you already? Here’s how General Electric uses social media to respond to customers online.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for GE are typically related to poor customer service representatives and long wait times on the phone.

GE’s Facebook page is primarily devoted to promotional material. The company uses Facebook to show projects that it’s working on as well as serve as a blog for science and technology news. GE also uses Facebook for community engagement, recognizing change makers at the local level.

General Electric also has a Twitter handle which regularly posts content about science and technology. There is little customer interaction, however they do respond occasionally to feedback on their Twitter page.

GE has a decent presence on Google Plus which, like their Facebook page, is for both community management and blogging.

Could GE serve customers better by using social media? Let us know.

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Profile Refrigerator (1/13/17)

My 2007 GE profile refrigerator has been working perfectly until 2 weeks ago, when a continuous clicking noise from the back of the unit, I assume from the I maker. The noise was constant, loud so bad until we took the filter out, thinking it would stop. Now we have no cold ice. So I call the tech support for GE Appliance, 800-626 2005I was on hold waiting in queue for 45 min. I was thrilled to talk to someone, only to be transferred again to another department, again o old for another 35 min. when I talk to the technician and explain my problem with the unit, It was explained to me that it was the unit going thru a DEFROST cycle, it was common and there was nothing to repair. This is a normal process for the unit. Now if I want Ice I have to deal with the loud continuous noise from the Defrost cycle. This has NOT been a problem until 2 weeks ago,. And I must live with this foolishness, I THINK NOT. I am not happy and this needs to be addressed.  View Gripe »

Gas Range (2/15/16)

Purchased two new GE appliances roughly three weeks ago abd could not be more frustrated and angry. First, the microwave came with faulty assembly parts and could not be indtalled. Then, the gas range had two burners that didn't work. Tech came out to fix it and found ignitors were wrong. Fixed it, and then less than a week later more burners would not work. Tech came back out today and couldn't figure out the problem. GE tech got on phone with GE directly and, while they talked potential issues, discovered that the entire range was wired incorrectly from factory...HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN??? Tech still can't fix it and GE customer service people are giving us the run around. Totally unacceptable! Paid good money for this product that has not worked from the beginning, and was wired incorrectly by GE when built. Yet GE won't replace it, but rather "will try to fix it again." A new stove shouldn't have to be worked on three times in three weeks, & patched with array of replacement…  View Gripe »

Hotpoint Dryer (2/15/16)

The dryer is faulty and I have had to pay to get a replacement and was told that I would still get the faulty dryer replaced but the hot point people who delivered the upgrade took the faulty dryer away and now they won't honor the replacement  View Gripe »

Hotpoint Tumble dryer TCD985BPUK (2/14/16)

I purchased this machine in 2012 and have been waiting for a safety modification since 23/11/2015 (Customer number 0057237922). The date of the engineer's visit keeps change and is now showing March as the earliest time. Hotpoint have offered me a replacement machine at a discount of £200. However, I would prefer a £200 voucher so that I can choose which model I want rather than being forced to accept the only model offered. I bought my machine in 2012 so, given that there is a safety notice in place, I do not believe that the machine was fit for purpose and would draw your attention to the 6 year time span when this complaint is considered valid. I would therefore request either a free replacement of my machine or a £200 token towards the cost of another. Regards Mrs G Parkes  View Gripe »

Hotpoint tumble dryer (2/11/16)

in Septembet last year we bought a tumble dryer, a month later we received a safety notice. I contacted Hotpoint to arrange a service visit. They re-contacted, saying an engineer would be out in 8 weeks. Nothing happened. Today I received the exact same safety latter, I rang and tried explaining we were still waiting the original service call. The person stated someone would be out in July!!! Or I could pay the difference for another model!!! This is ludicrous, you send out safety notices frightening people less fortunate than me of a possible fire being caused and you cannot cope with the responses and your staff treat customers by saying sorry not my problem or ring another number. I expect you to contact me haha never with a reasonable explaination. at david.rsdg@talktalk.net  View Gripe »

Hotpoint Tumble dryer (2/9/16)

Fire hazard affected machine reported beginning Dec advised June before repair. Machine has already smelt of burning so now I am frightened to use it as I have two small girls under the age of five. I was advised I could purchase a new machine which I reluctantly agreed to only to find out the machine would be white. As my whole appliance range is graphite this wasn't an option for me I want hot point to replace for same colour machine or refund what I have paid so I can purchase my own I have already been without my dryer 3 months now expected to wait another 4 this is disgusting can't to speak to any one emails ain't answered.  View Gripe »

DWL-DEA 602-S (12/19/15)

I'm trying to what 2 flashing lights on my dishwasher indicate, to no avail, i have tried your helpline but I cut of every time, can you help PLEASE! Martin  View Gripe »

Unable to contact (12/11/15)

I am trying to contact Hotpoint for a repair to my washer under my service plan. After choosing the correct option by telephone the line just switches off. I have had a similar total lack of success using website. I live in area DH59PT. Tel. 01915262058  View Gripe »

Hotpoint Washing machine (12/7/15)

Impossible to contact to book a repair,constantly engaged  View Gripe »

GE GFE26GMHES (11/25/15)

HORRIBLE service. We built a house earlier this year and had all GE appliances put in. 10 days ago, the refrigerator stopped working. Called GE to get a warranty repair. It was scheduled for last Friday and then they had to reschedule for today. Two different people at GE assured us that it could be fixed the same day. This is after we told them that we were having a house full of people for Thanksgiving. Repair guy showed up today. He asked if GE had sent any parts. Nope. Didn't know they were supposed to. He took one look at the fridge and said that it was a KNOWN problem. There is an upgraded fan and software update to the board. I asked that if it was a known issue, why don't they fix them. The answer is that they wait to see if the existing ones fail. So now we have no refrigerator the day before Thanksgiving. Bad enough they may crappy products, but that is the worse service I have ever experienced. Happy Thanksgiving GE.  View Gripe »