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Geeks For Help is an independent technical support provider for Computer software, hardware and peripherals. Our IT experts can repair most computer software related problems remotely over the Internet. We have a unique way of dealing with PC users that are facing technical issues such as sluggish PC performance, viruses, adware, spyware, etc. We take a holistic approach while resolving issue for our clients - we not only resolve issues, but also educate our customers as to why these issues happen and how to prevent them in future. We provide a number of services to our customer for their printer, desktop, laptop, computer, operating system issues, internet connection failure, no boot, issues related to malicious programs and many more.
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Computer repairs (5/25/16)

On 5/23 Eric who represented to be from Geeks for help. Said hackers had got into my computer and it would crash soon. Wanted me to pay $199. When I hesitated, he was able to change password on the computer and would not unlock until I paid him. Sent money via Western Union. Eric called 5/25 and said there was a problem and had not gone through and needed to send another $199 and wait for return from Western Union. I refused and he ultimately hung up on me when I told him that I would not pay additional until got return from Western Union. He said that my computer would soon crash. I then called Western Union with the confirmation number and they reported that the funds had been paid/picked up without problems. This has to be a huge scam. Attached is the only documentation that I have from previous encounter. Geeks4help Tech Name:Eric Paulus Toll Free:1-888-372-3180 Security Code:vs2526 Amount:$199 ($100 Due) Lifetime Merchant Name: Check2pay  View Gripe »

Computer / Microsoft related assistance (9/9/15)

Unsolicited call from business who represented themselves as receiving info. From my server that my license had expired. Walking me through my computer remotely identifying # and codes ignoring my I quirky about cost.when I refused to then pay $100. They wiped my computer out!  View Gripe »