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GeekAssured Technologies Provides Genuine Support Services (3/15/17)

GeekAssured Technologies as I know is a genuine service provider where experts accomplish the task in or before the time they say. They never keep you waiting with fake promises or false gimmicks, I am very impressed by their support and service quality and have never been turned down or felt negative about them. David Nortgon, NJ  View Gripe »

GeekAssured - Simply Amazing Company (3/15/17)

I am not someone who praises anyone so easily, but when it comes to the help and support I have received at Geek Assured, I simply am overwhelmed and flowing with words of praise. They have helped in making tax calculations and finance management a very easy task for me by offering software that is efficient and capable. I am simply obliged. - James Hortor- NY  View Gripe »

Scam (12/5/16)

This a group of fake Indian scammer with a fake US address in the middle of nowhere. I had issue with my Quickbooks today and was searching for "Quickbooks customer service" that this phone number came up. 1-800-385-5790 These guys, made a trick and created hunderds of events with the under the event's name "Quickbooks customer service phone number" and similar name. So when you are searching for "Quickbooks customer service" their phone number comes up as an event, which is their trick. I made this mistake today and they connected to my computer for 15 to 20 minutes and did whatever they wanted. After that they asked for money, I said not and wanted them to disconnect from my computer that they rejected and kept opening windows and stealing my information. If you need help with your Quickbooks, contact and call the number of their website. These scammer are using the name "Geekassured" as their company name. Don't be a victime of these…  View Gripe »

“Geekassured provides excellent Customer Optimization” (3/18/16)

Quickbooks is time saving and Geekassured makes sure that they provide all technical solutions to their customers. It diagnoses my computer and repairs all technical faults .This is the best accounting software and I can access it, through my phone too. It is a secure system and is easy to use. For my business, Quickbooks has been a life saver.  View Gripe »

Easy and helpful’ Software (3/7/16)

I recently opened a new firm and had very less knowledge about accounting. But QuickBooks never made me feel that I am lagging behind in accounting work. It does all my accounting work. The best advantage is that I can look for my business related information from any part of the world and anytime, instantly. I purchase quickbooks software with Geekassured.  View Gripe »

PC Optimization solutions by GeekAssured are really very helpful! (3/3/16)

I was extremely puzzled with the slow performance, hardware issues and browser errors in my PC. I consulted local technicians, but the problem reoccurred. But Geek Assured had made me completely satisfied. The services were prompt too. I am surely going to look up to them again.  View Gripe »

Amazing service by Geekassured (1/29/16)

I was very worried because my laptop was working very slow, taking long time to open files but with the use of this antivirus, I totally feel like I am using a new laptop with great speed. It automatically keeps my laptop clean from virus and scans it.  View Gripe »