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Geek Squad
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Category: Computer Maintenance & Repair
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Computer Laptop repair (1/26/16)

Bought a Lenovo laptop from Best Buy with a extended warranty. Broke it at took it back for repair. They have had it for over 5 weeks now. Service Order Number: 00897-286295067  View Gripe »

Computer Services (9/20/15)

Invades the computer and then offers to repair damage for a price.  View Gripe »

Laptop Computer (4/25/15)

Less than 2 years ago i purchased a laptop from Best Buy and paid for the extended warranty through geek squad. I was told they would fix/ replace the computer if i had problems with no questions. I have made 2 trips to the store and several hours on the phone, they won't even open my computer to look at it, let alone fix it. They say it was submerged in water without even looking at it. I don't know where they get this, the computer starts, it just won't boot windows, I feel like they are making up a story so they don't have to spend any time or money fixing/replacing something on my computer. I paid $1200 for the laptop, with $300 in insurance ($150 for two years), They want me to pay an additional $50 to even look at it, there is no mention of an additional fee in the paper work so i didn't bring $$ to the store. They told me straight up that they don't want it to look bad on their number so they won't send it out. They care more about their store numbers than the customer.  View Gripe »

Computer (3/31/15)

The charge me 600.00 to fix my computer. The computer was three years old. I bought it at best buy. They took like three days and they couldn't fix it. I'm very upset about this and I want to know about this. We reply to this. They have a man come out twice. Plus the work online with it. They took a payment out of my bank account it  View Gripe »