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Smy Mini, Accessories and Fodi F2 (8/26/16)

i have purchased 3 goods on Aug 02 and Aug 03 but none of them received to me. When i check the tracking, i see all my shipments are returned to the seller. but gearbest claims the goods are destroyed due to high shipping costs (total cost of goods are over 100 dollars, and return shipping fee is maximum 10 dollars per parcel). ofcourse they can not provide a clue of destroyed goods... so beware of this scamming method, if they cant provide a clue with a sign of shipping courier that tells the goods are destroyed, they are just lying and scamming you.  View Gripe »

smok tc 80 / wismec rx 200s / griffin 25 taf (7/26/16)

i have purchased a smok tc 80 mod from gearbest on 12 jun 2016. but the shipping carrier didn't bring the goods, and the package sent back to seller. but the seller tells that they don't receive the goods, my package was destroyed (of course with no real document or clue ). So after all i decided to let the community know about these scammers, if you receive your goods, it is okay. but if u ll need a refund or a sent back in a way... you are on your own :) here is the full list of conversation Ticket:T16071503233 Order Number:W1606120741341107 Message Type:Not delivered after 25 Business days(Shipped, not received yet ) Subject:have not received my order Message: Ticket Status:Processing Full Name:e. t. Gearbest Customer Support At 07/15/2016 05:17:40 CST Dear e., Thank you for bring our attention to this issue. Please accept our apologies for the delay and inconvenience caused to you. As you have not received the package, we will contact the shipping agents…  View Gripe »

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (3/19/16)

Professional, Reliable and Safe Online Shopping Store I'm a big fan of Xiaomi phones (Chinese Brand), I've checked out many online stores to buy "Xiaomi Redmi Note 3" Smartphone and just came into website by chance which offered the Lowest price among all other stores and that was the first thing that took my attention to be honest, after that I read FAQ and Terms on GB website, It was clearly detailed with many professional features that made my purchase safe and protected so I made my first purchase, received my order number, tracking number and even an image for my package and I was really pleased with their accuracy in dispatching my package to the shipping company in the 3rd day as stated in the product page. I have read some bad reviews on GB and after digging deeper into them I can say that most of them because they didn't read what was written on the product page So: Do NOT hesitate, Go Ahead and be sure you will always get what ever you order from GearBest.  View Gripe »

LETV X500 (3/12/16)

Well, I ordered a phone on their website and payed for it, but afterwards they send me a email that they dont have that mobile on stock and gave me 2 options. One is to put that money on GEARBEST WALLET and other is to substitute my ordered mobile with equivalent of that phone. The second one is not an option. They dont want to tell me if I can, in option 1., withdraw my money from GB WALLET to my paypal account. Can you help me ?!?  View Gripe »

MEIZU M2 4G Smartphone (12/21/15)

Wors service ever from GEARBEST!!! I still waiting my order for 250$!! Oreder was maked with extra charge for expedited shipping 3-7 BUSINESS DAYS! Date was December 5th-2015!! After 25 tickets - nothing!!! They just told me to check tracking!! So whatt - my order is in Singapore and not any movement! Nevr order from GEARBEST!! I`m still waiting for my order and she is still in Singapore, and GEARBEST still answe - check your tracking!!! Compete idiots!!.. But, of course - they charge me for speed shipping! And of course they delete my review for their service in GEARBEST WEBSITE!!  View Gripe »

disgusting service!!! (10/14/15)

I order my goods 5 months ago and im still waiting, im given BS waybill numbers that when i track shows everything going normal but my parcel has NEVER left in over 5 MONTHS!! I have tried customer service, spent hours online to speak to someone in their useless online help chat and my case has never been dealt with....only BS statements that my parcel is overweight etc etc etc i have sent 6 tickets by the way....SIX!! How can anyone give a company like this a positive review? i believe this company does not even "exist" and is purely a scam, i have given their website address to the local Chinese embassy for their review and hopeful that they do something about it, i suggest everyone with the same issue does the same....these people need to be hanged !!! Use them at your own peril...they are scam artists to say the least!!!  View Gripe »

Tech-related (8/25/15)

I got my x12 mini quadcopter from these guys on 24/8/15, 2 months after I ordered it, and was forced to pick another color, not 12hrs later the little thing would not lift off the ground. I tried contacting their support, but got an error saying incorrect ticket number when there was number to input, no response from their facebook page, and no way of claiming on it as it took so long to get here, and they only have a 45 day policy. I want a refund (happy to send item back). This company is horribly shocking to deal with, extremely poor customer service.  View Gripe »

tech-related (7/13/15)

I have ordered 3 items from these guys all of which I want in my hot little hands (maybe not so little) I have been told 1 is no longer in production but it is in shipping it seems, the 2nd item I ordered is still in processing 2 weeks after I have ordered it and 'appears' out of stock but was at the time I ordered it, the third has been shipped but only after a small period in processing and I had to complain about it before it was dealt with. I am not amused, and I am not going to appreciate the shipping time from now on due to these complaints. I want my items, and the only thing I'll be using this company for in the future is window shopping for ideas. I am disgusted and I want the situation sorted out pronto  View Gripe »