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PPI sale - inappropriate (5/18/16)

GE Money loan made available but PPI added without my knowledge (and entirely inappropriate to my needs. GE Money have refused to deal with my complaint suggesting it was arranged via a 3rd party but documentation etc would suggest that they were acting as representatives of GE Money. I intend to pursue for the loss of money I have incurred owing to this missale. A Balson (England). Anyone else had similar problems with GE Money ?  View Gripe »

re loan u never get (4/14/15)

Phones on again to day 310 736 1914 phone ov president ov now be call GE money capital jeff thomas now calls the company G E MONEY BANK OFFER A REFUND TODAY AND CONTACT ME GAVE ME TWO SET OV FALSE WESTERN UNION 'RE CODE 317 798 5493 & 818 5661000 SCAMMER DONT REFUND MONEY LIES BUT HE CONTACTS AND WANTS MONEY TO REFUND YOUR MONEY BEWARE ROBIN DANNY THOMAS SHAWN WATSON THEY use T Mobile cards Walmart cards Green Dot cards Univision cards all preloaded moneygram you will never see your money and you will never see a refund and you will never see alone I paid the refund fee and still have yet to see my money you will never see one penny from the scammers they prey on fixed income low income and disability people stay away you will not get anything from them except heart ache headache and embarrassment to this day they keep contacting me every day wanting more you will not see a penny all I ask is the general public c just keep calling them and hanging up call and hang up call and hang up  View Gripe »

bank loan (4/8/15)

I was offered a refund today from Shawn watson the phones no longer work the operation has change phone numbers phones were work at 4/8/1015 8am no refund the calls came from st.louis refund scamed 610 $  View Gripe »

bank loan (4/5/15)

Shawn watson told me I would receive a refund to my bank account never happened wait 30 plus days no money don't return phone call. They are found to be scammers. They will never ever refund YOUR money Shawn watson lies then calls you and telling you that personaly returning your money YOU will never ever see or here from anyone from ge money capital. DONOT USE THESE PEOPLE . G E MONEY CAPITAL  View Gripe »

loan scam (4/3/15)

Shawn watson &ROBIN thomas ov ge money capital call me ask for 150 dollars to refund the money they stole and change that number daily 309 839 4814 ext245 robin. Shawn watson 314 3009068 ext249 call these people tie up phones people cant get ripped off your money will be taken used preloaded t mobile cards green dot unovison cards walmart cards when you ask for refund you NEVER get it there two losers call you back non stop they ask you to pay them to refund your money it will never happen. John thomas ring leader claims to pocket 25000 a day or more he cheats and steals told me this said I never c a penny  View Gripe »

loans (4/2/15)

Loan scam company 309 839 4814 exr 245 robin 314 300 9068 ext 249 Shawn watson scammed by them no loan at all no refund  View Gripe »

Banking (8/21/14)

Cannot close account or speak to a human  View Gripe »