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Marshalltown, Gauteng 2017
South Africa

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traffic fines (3/30/15)

I have 2 traffic fine of R200 each that are a result of me refusing to pay for a public packing space in town (JHB). 1. Why do we have to pay for a public packing space? 2. We were never told about these people who help us to pack our cars, who are always in their green traffic vests, without name badge, without traffic uniform. The only thing they have is some kind of machine that produces slips that will come out with the money you are suppose to pay in according to the time your car has spend at that particular public packing. 3. Are these people qualified to write and give you a ticket? 4. Does the department know about this? 5. Are we suppose to pay for these tickets? 6. Who put these people in place?  View Gripe »