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Property Management (4/5/16)

Gassen filed a lawsuit against us after being notified that debt for association dues on a condo we used to own was discharged in a bankruptcy AND in a foreclosure!!! Gassen represents a homeowners association for a condo complex called Ridgeview in Burnsville, MN where we used to own a condo. We gave the property up when it was discharged in a chapter 7 bankruptcy almost 2 years ago and the property went in sheriff sale a year ago with immediate possession as it was vacant. The attorney Gassen uses sent us a letter saying that we owed approximately $7,000.00 in unpaid association dues. I notified the attorney by email to consult with him that he was trying to collect on a debt discharged in a bankruptcy on a property that we do not own. Instead of looking into the bankruptcy and foreclosure or even having the professionalism to respond to the email, Gassen filed a lawsuit against us in the amount of $10,000 plus attorney fee (a suddenly higher number). It isn't right.  View Gripe »