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Slimera & Cleanse & Detox pills (9/23/15)

On July 25, 2015 I ordered a free sample of the Slimera and Cleanse/Detox pills. The cost to me was 11.86. I didn't receive my pills. On August 8th my credit card was charged 149.96 for more of the above mentioned pills. I wasn't aware of this as my monthly statement had not come out. The company then TRIED to charge my account again 74.98. My discover credit card called me to ask if I had charged on my account. They then told me about the charges from August 8th. I called Garcinia Cambogia. I told them they had no right charging my credit card without my knowledge. I even spoke to the supervisior asking for my money back. I was NOT successful. I have NOT received any pills and yet my credit card was charged this amount. This is NOT FAIR that a company can do this! I am sure I am not the only one complaining about this with this company. Meanwhile, My account still holds a balance of 149.96. This is NOT FAIR that my credit card be responsible!!! Please advise. Thank…  View Gripe »

Weight loss (7/1/15)

Deceptive marketing-advertising free sample for $4.99 shipping. Charged my credit card for $99.98. I called and cancelled.and was refunded $49.98 with a promise of $50 remaining to be refunded when the merchandise was received. I sent it by mail on June 15th as per instruction via their email. July 1st I called and was told the merchandise was not received and was asked for a tracking number which, of course, I don't have since it was sent by regular mail. This is a scam and needs to be reported. R H Frey Sr 1831 N Terry St Portland, OR 97217 503-708-9264  View Gripe »

SBP Beauty Products (6/20/15)

A few days ago, I received a supposedly "free" trial of garcinia for a mailing charge of $3.99. I was going to call to cancel any further shipments when today I checked my bank and find I have been charged over $90 from this company. I must wait until Monday the 23rd to contact this company and in the meantime I have overdrawn my account I am 78 and disabled. I can't afford this rip-off. I am trying to make others aware of this action.  View Gripe »

Diet aid (6/4/15)

Took up the offer of a 'free trail' with above products. The trail period is 21 days after which a fee would be paid however the account could be cancelled if you weren't happy before the trail period ended. This period ends on 10th June, I only received the product on the 3rd June so in theory not enough time to test them. So the account was cancelled however there was a charge for doing so ! Where or how can they use the word 'free'. In my mind the trail should be free & there after charges if the customer was happy with the product & wanted to continue with the product. Please advise me on the next step or have I been conned. Thanks Peter Greenley  View Gripe »