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Category: Department Stores
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Did you get the wrong sized shirt? Here's the scoop on everything you need to know about how GAP handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for GAP are typically related to men's and women's clothing, customer service interactions, sizing, returns, charges, styles, and lines.

The GAP Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature, usually featuring deals. They do have their "Message" button activated which means you can contact them through Facebook chat messenger, however, they have a huge following so your conversation could get lost in the shuffle.

GAP has a company brand Twitter handle which is used for Customer Service, and is very active.

The GAP Google+ seems to be similar to their Facebook page, featuring specials and deals. It has a large following, and is verified.

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12-18 months baby boy pants (7/9/15)

I purchased a pair of $24.95 pants for my 13 month old son, and the tag that was on the pants left huge noticeable holes through the fabric! This is disappointing and unacceptable, especially considering the price.  View Gripe »

clothes and credit department (6/16/15)

I was issued a gap card about two years ago from GE bank and they sold it to Synchrony bank. They are a very discriminating group. MY account was in very good standing you know never late and gave more than minimum payment. this new bank took all my silver status away,lowered my amount of credit and told me they have better people. They are very lucky I do not call a lawyer and sue for discrimination. I am disabled and they must not have liked it. I closed the account and will no longer do any business with them. Secondly the clothes and costumer serve got horrible. A coat I bought came in poor baggage condition and the hood on it is a mile too long the clothing from the gap are very very very shrinkable even on a very low setting dryer the material is pinchy and ichy I went to another clothing store where the clothes fit right and don't shrink! Customers beware of the new bank that took over GE Good luck shopping with them I had to throw clothes out from gap and credit dept is rud  View Gripe »