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Well Being: The Five Essential Elements (book and Access Code) (4/27/15)

I purchased Tom Rath's book "Well Being: The Five Essential Elements" in a Kindle version off I received the book downloaded, read it and took the Access Code found therein and went to the site to enter the code to take the Survey. I finished setting up my profile and entered my code and the next screen came up with an "Error" message of technical issues on their end, and to try again later. Ever since then, I try my username/password and Access Code and it tells me that either my username/PW are incorrect or I have a used or invalid code. None of those are the case. The site's "Contact Us" page allows for submittal of your email to receive a temporary link to access (Did it, no email came) or you can fill out a form and supposedly within 3 business days someone will contact you. (Did it 3 times since 4/17/15) and no one has contacted me. There is no phone number to call or address to write to anywhere on the site. How do I get access to the survey?  View Gripe »