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Shoes/Delivery (12/18/16)

Package was shipped to my home and status was updated to delivered. No package was delivered, as someone was home waiting all day, and other packages showed up. Famous Footwear would not honor that for over a week, which caused issues during the holiday season. VERY VERY POOR Customer Service! I reccomend shop somewhere else if at all possible.  View Gripe »

Rude customer service (7/22/15)

Hi. i purchased a pair of Rockport walkers 4 months ago. A seam due to poor workmanship came loose. I called in to the store of purchase. A rude welcome and NO desire to solve my purchasing of a flawed shoe. i called the contact number 1-866 432 6687 and spoke with Mary, a customer rep. NO solution. Then a "manager", Michelle, who tried to offer a non workable solution.Finally, I was given the name of the MANAGER OF CUSTOMER CARE, Mr. James P. (they don't give last names). I made a phone appointment. HE NEVER CALLED> Net result: me and my family are finished with this third rate shoe store. I asked if these shoes were "seconds" . they said no, but it seems that they may well be.  View Gripe »

Bad customer service (7/21/15)

bought two pair of Guess shoes at two separate times. Each pair has broken at the toe. I took them back to the store to exchange but they had sold out of the shoe and the similar ones were not in my size. The manager sent me to another store [a long drive] where they had the same issue. I returned to the original store to just get a refund and they refused to refund my money. They were unable to exchange/replace the shoes and unwilling to return my money even with receipt because it had gone two weeks past their 30 day return policy. TERRIBLE customer service. They're not willing to be accountable for their bad products.  View Gripe »

Bad customer service (7/20/15)

Don't bother to call customer service, they are not helpful in any way  View Gripe »

Frustrated Customer (7/19/15)

I bought my daughter sneakers on 8/28/14 from store #2670 in Aberdeen, NJ. The Vans sneaker have started to rip in the tongue portions of the sneaker. I tried to return them stating "I think they are defective". My daughter has had many pairs of Vans before and never had a problem after 5 months of wearing them. Your manager Sandra rudely said "I am not in the business of buying back used shoes and take it up with Vans". I said "I guess you don't stand behind the product you sell". This caused the customer in back of me to hand the shoes to the manager she was buying and say "I don't want to buy these". I have contacted Vans to help resolve my problem. Professional managers resolve problems not treat customers rudely. Famous Footwear should take a closer look at managers who are representing the Famous Footwear name.  View Gripe »

Bad Customer Service (7/17/15)

That was the rudest costumer service rep ever. Just to think I didn't want to order from famous footwear in the first place!! This cemented my notion to never shop at famous footwear again! My order was cancelled and all of my information was accurate. So weird, I guess it was the meat to be because I didn't want to buy from them anyway but they were the only store with the shore in the color and size I needed for my boyfriend.  View Gripe »

Bad customer service (7/11/15)

On Tuesday morning our home suffered a terrible fire. My children were taken out of our home at 4;45am without anything on their feet. At 11am I ran with them in borrowed socks to our local famous footwear (Sunrise Highway) Massapequa, New Yrok. After explaining to clerk what happened, she made NO ATTEMPT to help me either with looking and or helping me get sneakers and socks for 3 children. When I mentioned that I did not have my coupons she BARELY managed to help look that up by our phone number. Having 3 children, myself and my husband you can well imagine the amount of purchases we make at your store. I could have understood if the store were busy, but I was the only one there...Each one of my children needs to replace more sneakers, boots, dress shoes and slippers, but with this type of customer service I am not so sure I will be returning to your store. I wonder how do you train your staff, where is there CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS and do they NOT understand human compassion.  View Gripe »

Frustrated Customer (7/10/15)

I visited a local store in Turnersville NJ. I ran into the store to spend a quick 150 as I was on a time limit a budget and some people to make happy this holiday. as I entered the store I was greeted and I acknowledged the greeting put my phone down apologized to the clerk for being preoccupied and said I would not need any help but is let her know once off the phone. I resumed my phone call only to be asked a second time if I needed Assistance making a purchase. Her tone was quick and arrogant. I got the impression that she was bothered by the fact I was on the phone. she came back get another time saying loudly can I help you with your shopping. I ft harassed throughout the store when all I wanted to do wS wrap up this important call get the things I came to purchase and exit, I had to add being harassed. One I was off the phone I was so bothered by the manager (which is yet another sad factor) I didn't want to stay any longer because I felt so uncomfortable. Please contact me in…  View Gripe »

Rude customer service (6/19/15)

Hi...just had a major problem returning a pair of shoes I purchased 10 days ago at Valencia, CA store #1244....manager was rude and said he did not have to refund the shoes though it was defective...seems his rudeness reflected the culture Famous Footwear has and that is to make a profit at any cost even if it means ripping off people!!! He said he would take the defective shoe back "this time" and made me feel like the $50 investment was my loss...what a poor customer service experience especially coming from a manager...the company is only interested in rewarding uncustomary oriented policies...well, we learned our lession and will never do business with your company again...prefer to deal with companies that value their customers and not fleece them for some CEO/executive benefit that mandates poor service straight down to the consumer!!! So sorry but this manager...I.G. is worthless and antagonistic!!!!  View Gripe »

Very frustrated (6/17/15)

The almost identical situation happened to me that happened to Charly. Horrible return policy. I will be calling corporate. Famous Footwear, you lost my business. I do not see that your ethics and practices will stand the test of time.  View Gripe »