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Not finding the great value you were promised? Here's how Family Dollar deals with customer service on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for Family Dollar are typically related to poor service and messy stores.

Family Dollar’s Facebook page is very active, primarily used for promotions and advertising. The page spotlights new items for sale, the latest trends, and ways that families can save during major holidays. Many customers have posted feedback on their wall and the retailer is generally good at responding to them.

Family Dollar also has a verified Twitter handle which is also used mainly for promotions. The profile posts information about new stores, new products, and serves as a powerful tool for community engagement. It handles some customer service interactions here, however it seems that Facebook is the best way to get in contact with the dollar store chain.

Family Dollar does not have a profile on Google Plus. Could Family Dollar do a better job interacting with customers online? Let us know.

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missing a manager named FRAN! (2/15/16)

Hi u all have a store in ford city ..There was a manager named Fran there Great person and manager ..We have a small town and there is also a family Dollar however......Your manager at Ford City store made ur store always respectful and helpful..I dont know what has happened to her ....however rumor in our little town is she was let go and lots of stories as to why........I know one thing if she is gone from our little store it wont be long before ur customers are gone too! i said she was always so respectful and helpful to us customers!  View Gripe »

Toy Department (12/28/15)

My friend and I were at a Family Dollar on Sunday, December 27, 2015 in Spencer, MA. We saw (2 ) "All toys $5.00" sign above the toy section. I picked out a few and she did also. We were told that the toys were NOT $5.00. The toy prices were as marked. My friend mentioned the signs. The male employee said, "We did not have time to take down the signs". My friend insisted that all toys are $5.00. A female employee repeated what her co-worker said. They then proceeded to get a ladder and remove the signs. We proceeded to put the merchandise back and take our money elsewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!  View Gripe »

services (12/14/15)

3295 W SIEBENTHALER AVE DAYTON OHIO #937-2792390 the manager over charged me & charged me for to many items I took my receipt back and during are exchange trying to get it right she started to get an attitude & she talk down to me in front of other customers so much so I will not spend my money there anymore,she was the manger there first shift 12-14-15 I only want to have a good experience were I spend my money & I spent a lot at family dollar.and this is not the only time I have had a bad experience at this store its just the first time I,am saying something.  View Gripe »

looking for the holiday cookie assortment (12/12/15)

At Christmas time you sell a box of assorted holiday cookies, I buy a few boxes every year, this year you advertised then in flyer for 2.00, I drove to many family dollars and no one had them! Why don't any stores have them? You advertised then but don't have them, if you know the company that makes them, I would like to know so I can maybe find them.....,thanks  View Gripe »

Holiday cookies advertised for 2.00 last week (12/7/15)

I am very pleased with the Family Dollar stores I have visited in the Mississippi area but have been disappointed that our Waveland and Bay St Louis stores do not have the advertised cookies. These are my husband s favorite seasonal cookies and I buy him multiple boxes each year. These cookies are a tradition and in our family since our childhood (some 68 years ago) while living in the Chicago area. They were sold by a local company, Maurice Lennell. I believe they were made by an Oregon company last year. Would dearly appreciate anything you can do to help us buy some. Thank you so much in advance and Merry Christmas. D. L. Staszak, (228) 342-0885  View Gripe »

Missing items at the checkout counter (11/22/15)

On Thursday November 19 2015 I was at the Family Dollar on Hwy 105 Beaumont TX , I was checking out and this person behind me (not a customer) was trying his best to distract me and make me look away from the counter so the person checking me out could steal an item when I was not watching her hands slip something down and not in my bag. I knew better to not take my eyes off her hands because I could tell what they were up to. I knew what they were up to because they previously stole from my wife at the checkout counter. Items were missing out of her bags. She did not go back to confront the workers about her missing items. This thievery must be stopped. This thievery seems to happen with larger purchases giving them more chances to steal items. E mail  View Gripe »

Retail Services (11/22/15)

I entered store #5780 around 11.15 a.m. Sunday November the 22nd to grab a few things for last minute Thanksgiving shoping after working a ten hour shift in the same business myself. The location looked very clean and clutter free so I felt very comfortable, easily finding the items I came there for along with a few extra items I had put off purchasing.I found and a mattress pad at an excellent price after checking with the front cashier on the price.While there shopping unforfunately because of some medications i am currently on i found myself in a desperate need of a restroom not being able to get in my car and go any where else I frantically search the store for i knew an employee restroom would be available !! I enterered the back stock area and fortunately found one!! As soon as i spotted the mens room i heard a young lady addressing me in a manner that totally caught me off guard,seeing it was done rather loud and uncaring and suspicious,I explained i needed to use the bathroom  View Gripe »

parking lot (11/8/15)

The parking lot on Leonard and monroe is so bad!!! Pavement is gone in huge spots..down to the dirt...I do not want anything to bust on my vehicle when I try and play dodge the holes in the lot. Why is nothing done about this? Customers are entitled to safety when they frequent a business..I'm hoping this will get fixed ASAP or for my safety I'll have to shop somewhere else.  View Gripe »

getting paid (11/2/15)

it has been almost three weeks since i got paid from family dollars.i work at store 185 district 133 the store is a fire trap with the back door blocked it can easily burn to the ground.but still thats no reason why i have not been paid yet.the labor said for each day i have waited for my check or money card thati am suppose to get paid time and a half.  View Gripe »

Terrible , rude Customer Service. (10/28/15)

I told cashier can you put these 4 items in a separate bag. I said a bigger bag than that. He said you don't have to keep trying to tell me what to do. I said you are the cashier. I have to tell you because I'm shopping for someone else too. He start complaining. I said you shouldnt be in customer service because you will have more customers than me today. The other cashier told him just dont say nothing. The manager said I told him to be quiet now you be quiet. I told her , Yes you said that but he still talking. She said you are older so you need to take the initiative. The customer is not always right. You can just get your stuff and go. She said & you don't have to come back either. She is a new manager there. Refused to give her name. Said it is just Denise. Tell them Denise @this store . It won't be the 1st or last time I got a complaint. So now I'm reporting nasty rude customer service @the East Hills Family Dollar.  View Gripe »