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Massage (6/23/16)

The WORST EXPERIENCE my mother and I have ever had. Elena is mentally unstable and needs to be pulled off of Groupon and be shut down immediately. If you read her other reviews, almost all of them are negative and everyone says the same thing...that it's the worst experience and she's extremely rude. I thought they were exaggerating, but after experiencing it first hand I'm furious that this woman can even be in business. She verbally harassed my mother, even calling her stupid and kicked her out without doing the massage all over not being able to find her poorly marked location. The massage was a gift for my mother and she came home distraught after being attacked and bullied by this crazed woman. My appointment was on a separate day and she was extremely rude to me as well. The massage was not good and even though it was an hour the way she does it feels rushed, and after how rude she was I spent the whole time waiting to just get out of out there. She needs to be out of business!  View Gripe »

Couples massage (11/2/15)

Got a groupon for a couples massage Tried to schedule a few different times online and said they didn't have two people to do the massages. Scheduled an apt in November and thought I was good to go. Nope! Groupon notified me that they couldn't take couples massages that they advertised for. First of all don't put a groupon up you can't do the service for. Second the massage place should have notified not groupon. So unprofessional. I was then given 2 Swedish massages. I don't want those and will be getting my refund from groupon. I wouldn't recommend this place. Seems shady.  View Gripe »

Couples Massage (10/21/15)

I have scheduled 4 appointments now which have all been cancelled last minute. I receive and email a day or 2 in advanced, sometimes even the same day saying there is no second therapist available. How do you offer people times to sign up for a couples massage if you do not have a second therapist? I have emailed Elena (an employee) with my dissatisfaction and all I get are rude replies with no concern to my inconvenience. Never get an apology, never get a solution to my problem. Ridiculous how they treat paying customers.  View Gripe »

Couples Massage (6/2/15)

Location: 2460 Fairmount Blvd #301. Appointment was made & Masseuse called two days prior because she could not do the massages simultaneously & wanted to rescheduled or wait until moving to a new location. Since this was a graduation gift for an out of town guests, I needed to keep the scheduled appt and agreed to 9am & 10am appt. Upon arrival the door was locked. I knocked and rang the door bell. Masseuse shouted "it's open. Tried again with no success and replied "no it's not open" She jerked the door open and was not very friendly, when she extended her hand I assumed it was to shake my hand and introduce herself. She didn't want to shake my hand but instead reached for my coupon. She was very rude and unprofessional. She didn't want me to wait in the cluttered/dirty lobby office area for my massage the next hour. We decided not to receive services from an unprofessional and biased woman. She replied " I didn't want to touch you anyway" I would never return to this establishment.  View Gripe »