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Faggart Auto Center
133 S. Main St.
Porterville, CA 93257
United States

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Auto Repair (1/1/16)

I took my 1994 GMC into Faggerty auto center in Porterville California for a new clutch, throw out berring and pressure plate total cost was $1600.00. I got the truck out with the new clutch kit installed. I then drove it to Los Angeles Ca. when I got there 160 miles the whole underside was covered with oil. I had it towed back to Faggert auto center they then changed the top cover gasket at there cost with they said they would clean the oil off the bottom of the truck which they did not. When I picked it up the second time the clutch was making a noise out of the transmission they messed up the input shaft on the transmission they wanted me to pay $ 500.00 half the cost and they would pay for the berring on the transmission input shaft . this shaft berring was damaged when they reinstalled the transmission for the third time with out lining the shaft and clutch up when reinstalling the transmission so far I have little over $2700.00 with the repair cost and the towing back to them  View Gripe »