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I have just discovered that Fabletics have been scamming out of £44 a month for the last 4 months, the amount now totalling £176! I'm beside myself, because I haven't received a single e mail in that time in order to take the option to "skip this month" as they put it. Im afraid to cancel my account as Im concerned they won't refund me. Anyway, its all over the place that many customers have tried and failed to cancel and continue to be ripped off. i have in the past taken the opt out option, but without an e mail, that is just not going to happen. I will be complaint on Monday. I will report back if I don't get any joy. I have never seen so much negative reporting on the internet, its extraordinary. They are undoubtedly breaking the law and I too have filed my experience with the Fabletics Sucks website - although it is still under construction apparently. My advice - don't be tempted. Not worth the pain!  View Gripe »

Sportswear (9/19/15)

This service is poor quality, over priced and actually a scam. I took Fabletics' introductory incentive offer, of an outfit for £25. At no point was it made clear that I was signing up for a monthly subscription of £44. I did not receive an email to confirm that I had joined a paid-for scheme (I did get one saying 'welcome to VIP', which had no information about what VIP was, just more sales). As far as I was concerned, I was taking an offer to trial their clothing. Which brings me onto my next point. The quality is extremely poor. After realising I'd been entered into a monthly subs, and charged an extra £44, I was annoyed. But I thought, rather than go through the hassle of arguing for a refund (I kind'a thought it must have been my fault - these guys were clever), I would test out another outfit. The £44 outfit range is simply not worth £44. I could pay £10 for similar on any high street. When complaining, my premium rate call was dropped 3 times. No refund. Just credit.  View Gripe »

Any (9/6/15)

Complete con, this is inertia selling which is unlawful in the UK, additionally they offer an 0843 number for customer service or to cancel - this is a premium rate number costing over 30p/min from a mobile, and is also unlawful for customer services. Seems there's a lot of people with similar complaints - www.fableticssucks.co.uk  View Gripe »

customer service scam! (9/3/15)

I purchased an outfit 2 months ago and the sports bra was too small ( thats saying something since I am BARELY a B cup! ) Contacted customer service to see if I could exchange it and they told me no because the tags were already off. Ok. No biggie. But then I asked to cancel my subscription and it is STILL ACTIVE 2 MONTHS LATER!! And they only let you cancel by calling their customer service number which DOES NOT WORK!!! I've tried calling the same number (which is listed on their site) 1-844-322-5384 multiple times from different phones. Even tried switching it to 1-800 prefix and 1-888 prefix and BOTH numbers give me LEVI STRAUS!! WTH!! (Levi has EXCELLENT customer service, btw) I'm calling my bank to have my card cancelled just to keep them from charging my card. What a scam!  View Gripe »

gym clothing (8/12/15)

I made an online purchase with Fabletics and in order to get the discount it appears that when you check out you have to become a VIP member, however, this is not clear and very deceptive. It was four months later that I noticed £44.00 a month going off my account and then called them to get this reversed. This is the first time that I was made aware of this. This company should be ashamed of the way that they treat customers, they are simply stealing money from people. What an absolute scam, I hope as many people as possible can be saved from making the same mistake I did.  View Gripe »