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Religious Study Material / Spiritual Study Group (12/11/16)

I am relating this experience Im have had with Eckankar and especially the study association I am a member of. This has been the worst group of people I have ever had association with. I am a high initiate and the business manager of our study group center. Our group is supposed to be studying spiritual teachings. Yet all we do is take people's money and send it to Eckankar headquarters in Chanhassen. I emptied my wife and my bank accounts during the summer to bring a man here so it would not look like he was not using eckankar to stop paying taxes. He and his wife own rental properties and use Eckankar tax status to cheat on their taxes. We have to pay out of our own pockets so high ups in the organization can cheat on their taxes. The man has a bad reputation with Eckankar so he travelled here to make a public presentation so that they would change their opinion of him all the while he uses them to cheat on his taxes. He cheats on tax as many of the higher ups…  View Gripe »