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Eben Pagan
3960 Howard Hughes Pkwy, 5th Floor
Las Vegas, NV 89109
United States

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subscription (2/18/16)

There is no way to unsubscribe. You have to contact the customer care team. I hace submittied 2 emails that have been unanswered. I don't know when their live chat is available but it's not there when I'm awake (NZ timezone). This is an aggressive company that makes it extremely difficult to escape once thye have gor your CC details.  View Gripe »

Wake Up Productive / Self Made Wealth (4/2/15)

I purchased Eben Pagan's product - Wake Up Productive for $297. Little did I know that there seemed to be somewhere in that process where they think I agreed to trial an additional online course called Self Made Wealth for 3 payments of $297. When I got the second/third billing on my credit card, I contacted the support team, and was told that I had 30 days after the initial 'purchase' to get a refund, and that had expired. I do not have an internet business or any other kind of business. I was looking for personal productivity tips. I've contacted my credit card to dispute the charges, since I have not been successful with the Eben Pagan support team.  View Gripe »