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Problems with bidding or selling? Here's the scoop on everything you need to know about how eBay handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for eBay are typically related to auctions, feedback, bidding, shipping, disputes, selling features, purchasing issues, and customer service interactions.

The eBay Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature, featuring different interesting products. They have their "Message" button activated which means you can contact them through Facebook chat messenger, however, with an extremely large following the chances of a response are hard to predict.

Ebay has a verified Twitter handle which is used for Customer Service, and is very active.

The eBay Google+ seems to be very similar to their Facebook presence, primarily used for the promotion of interesting products.

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toshiba pendrive (10/18/16)

I have ordered 2 pendrives in ebay and i have completed the payment by using the credit card and i have ordered in 28 september 2016 and till now i did not received my pendrives and my PaisaPay ID : 43750991847 and another is PaisaPay ID :291889920708 please resolve my problem  View Gripe »

My Order (8/29/16)

These people messed up my order after I made it. I didn't order the man's purse nor the bra top. I wanted the halter top. San Jose,CA  View Gripe »

Waffle maker (5/9/16)

In search box I put model number 300. But unbeknownst to me, model 100 was also included, which shouldn't have been. Now I have purchased something I didn't want and I don't consider the seller at fault. The fault is clearly with eBay.  View Gripe »

billing (4/14/16)

Your account was debited to repay eBay Apr 13, 2016 16:41:09 PDT Transaction ID: 64937716XF9737217 Dear Matthew Hufnus, eBay ruled in favor of the buyer in the dispute case filed with the eBay Resolution Center, and issued a refund of $10.50 USD to David Maillet. In an effort to close this dispute quickly for you and the buyer, eBay authorized PayPal to debit your account $9.90 USD to repay eBay. As a reminder, when eBay decides a case in favor of the buyer, it is part of eBay's dispute resolution process to issue a refund immediately to the buyer. At the time, you didn't have enough money in your PayPal account to cover the refund amount, so eBay refunded the buyer. Repayment details Date of repayment Apr 13, 2016 16:41:09 PDT Amount repaid to eBay $9.90 USD Refund details eBay item number 231862527341 Buyer's name David Maillet Buyer's email address Robotic-1@hotmail.com Refund date Mar 24, 2016 Refund amount $10.50 USD Original transaction…  View Gripe »

HiFashionKart ladies/woman/girls red shirt top (4/11/16)

i had ordered a ladies top on 14/03/2016 with order no-191817613606. But till the date i haven't received the product. Tried to contacted the service desk but they are not ready to listen anything. His team leader was full of ego. still waiting for proper response. If possible, Kindly help to raise consumer comoplaint. Regards Subrat 7254241251  View Gripe »

182014520231 (3/19/16)

I sold 3 SEGA saturn games and in the description and pictures in the ad I noted the some cases were cracked and showed signs of WAR not wear to emphasise the condition. Over all the game discs, manuals and cases fully intact. So the buyer knew that the condition of the games was not perfect. The buyer messaged me 3 weeks after saying the games were damaged in the post and not packed well and he wants a full refund or he will leave a bad review. I offered a full refund and he said not and left a bad review that was blatant lies on my account. I contacted Ebay through various channels and they say they can do nothing. So I notice the addresses I sent the games to was a Safestore UK branch , this is a nationwide storage chain. I contacted the head office and the staff were very helpful and I made them aware someone was running a "full refund or bad review" scam from one of their locations. They gave me the number of the manager who is in comunication to help me resolve this scam  View Gripe »


I supplied via Ebay a very valuable, SCS Limited Edition crystal item, the first in its series, ref.013560/DO1X61, to ANNA JANE STONE of 67 Lee Street, Horley, Surrey RD6 8HD on 9.2.2016. the item was in perfect condition, security marked by myself,packed in original Manufacturer packing. Buyer signed for item, kept it for a few day, then claims it was damaged. The 2 boxes in which it was packed were undamaged, & the l item was securely packed in manufacturer's special foam packing from which items cannot move. This item had been DROPPED on a hard surface by the buyer. I agreed its return. It was NOT MINE, no security markings and broken in 4 pieces, totally imrepairable. This was an original crystal item, sold for 1000 pounds, now no longer made & very rare. I took photos of returned item, gave them to ebay plus photos of the item sent.WASTE OF TIME Ebay refunded buyer immediately under their policy of THE BUYER IS ALWAYS RIGHT. ... I WANT MY MONEY BACK  View Gripe »

Buyer case error (2/5/16)

Buyer opened case, refused to return item, refused to get refund, closed case, now case counts against me - NOT fair to seller.. HELP  View Gripe »

Christmas merchandise shopping on Ebay and paid for through Paypal (12/24/15)

PPaypal and Ebay executives / CEO I called Ebay today twice regarding the item below, which has not been delivered as per emails tracking info and terms of purchase and shipment, I have absolutely no obligation and will not wait for your companies to take 10 business day, as per your customer service people insistence to get my refund back into my account. The burden of screening merchants for SCAM ARTISTS AND PROTECTING CONSUMERS WHOM YOU HAVE MANAGED TO TRUST YOU WITH THEIR MONEY IS ON YOU. Here are the documentation from the purchase I called about and am hereby requesting an immediate refund. You can conduct your investigation within the 10 you are asking me to wait to find out God know what. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT IF THE $99.99 is not refunded into my account by midnight tonight December 24 (Christmas Eve), I will begin to take the following actions: 1, Write a post on Rippoff.com 2. Publish such and same on Facebook - Twitter - Google Plus and the multiple other websites I…  View Gripe »

Costumer Service (12/17/15)

Resolution center sided with buyer do to incorrect tracking number, seller provides correct tracking number to demonstrate item was infact shipped and received by the buyer, and that the judgement made by Ebay, siding with the buyer -taking money out of the sellers account and requesting reimbursement to eBay from seller - was an error.  View Gripe »