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Terre Haute Locaiton - Gaming (6/9/16)

My boyfriend and I came to Ebash in March for our anniversary because we love video games. We drove 3 hours to get there. We thought it would be really fun to check out. When we came in, the guy working told us we could only have 5 hours for $15 each since it was a lock in and it was their busiest night. Which was fine, til we realized their "busiest night" was like 8 elementary schoolers. There were plenty of places to sit left and we weren't bothering anyone. I don't see why we couldn't have stayed til midnight (regular business hours) but that isn't even the problem. The problems were that they had a very limited selection of Playstation 4 and Xbox One Games, we kept having to go up to the front and get different controllers because none of them were working, and you had to sit in certain areas to play certain games (One side was for multiplayer, one side was for everything else) I wanted to check out a Spiderman game, but wasn't allowed to sit next to my boyfriend to play since he…  View Gripe »