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Flight delayed or canceled? Here's the scoop on everything you need to know about how easyJet Airlines handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for easyJet are typically related to canceled flights, delayed flights, customer service disagreements, lost luggage or baggage, upgrades, status disagreements, phone call hold times, and changes fees.

The easyJet Facebook page seems to be active and promotional in nature. They do have their "Message" button activated which may mean that you can contact them through a personal message, however, with a large following this could easily get lost in the shuffle.

easyJet has a verified, company brand Twitter handle which is used occasionally for customer service issues, however, seems to direct more complex issues to their website. It is fairly active account with a large following.

The easyJet Google+ page is similar to their Facebook page. It has a lot of promotions for partner airlines and current specials and is verified.

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Hold up in baggage drop (5/5/16)

on 16th March we were held in a queue at the new baggage drop at Gatwick for about 15 minutes. Our paperwork was examined minutely and we were directed to someone who would help us with this new procedure. This young lady tried to input the information for the bag to be sent down the conveyor but without success. In all this time we did not hear any announcement about closing time approaching . In a couple more minutes a male employee came and announced that the gate was closed, and we were directed to customer services. The result was we could not board our flight. After waiting ages the best you customer services could offer was a flight on21st March, so we went to other flight operators to try for a sooner flight, and it was here that we were advised that ' Easyjet often overbooks' but they did not have any alternative, so we went back to your customer services and booked the flights for 21st March. On Friday 18th March I telephoned your customer services to complain and was told th  View Gripe »

Flight 3762 22/12 Lisbon Paris - Chewing gum on seats - Ruined jeans. (12/30/15)

Flew Paris to Lisbon to spend christmas with family. Previous passenger left a massive used chewing gum under the armrest. My only pair of trousers got damaged. Having no spare I cannot both have them cleaned AND go to my family's christmas party. Chiara, head of cabin crew tells me I will get reimbursed for both cleaning and buying a pair of jeans. Omar, Customer Service staff I called, staff confirm in writing I have to send the invoice. Then Nazim, tells me: to get reimbursed you must send the damaged item to Easyjet. No way! That's not what was agreed. I sent my invoice, I want to get paid. No argument. Now I spoke to a fourth guy in India that has "escalated" the matter. Whatever this means. I am SO pissed off.  View Gripe »

Flight (12/18/15)

Flight EZY7664 delayed for 50 minutes. We only hear about this after boarding. No, they won't try to make up for lost time.  View Gripe »

Flight EZY6703/EZY6704 (10/2/15)

On the 22/09/15, we flew from Belfast International airport to Alicante. After we checked in and went to view our flight details we read where our flight would be delayed for 20 minutes, fair enough we were happy enough about this short delay, eventually when we boarded and was ready for departure the plane stopped due to a drunk passenger on board who had to be escorted off. This caused further delay and we were not flying until nearly 7 30. we were waiting on the hostesses coming with tea/ coffee which we never were offered because we were preparing for landing and we were very disappointed with the lack of service. On our return journey when the staff eventually reached our seat they had run out of teabags so therefore again we never had a drink on board. We were very disappointed with Easyjet on this occasion. After all we paid good money for these flights and would have appreciated better service.  View Gripe »

Flight from Glasgow Airport and followup ref:110337233 (9/25/15)

Incompetent boarding staff at Glasgow airport caused me to miss a flight, then non-existent customer service following a complaint I made about it...  View Gripe »

airline company (9/1/15)

i had 2 flights on may, they were cancelled, that cause me and my family many extra expenses and inconveniences! today is 1st of september and i still haven't receive my money back!  View Gripe »

Flight from Milan to Luton (5/29/15)

Really bad flight back from Milan to Luton, wasn't allowed to put my hand bag in the over head locker, was kept out in the rain for over 20 minutes so people with cases were able to put them in the over head locker. Flight was delayed and not informed etc. Wrote a complaint letter the evening we got back on 27th of April, had a couple of generic responses but no reply. My final email was sent on 11th of May with no response, I emailed again on May 25th to chase this, no response. I phoned today to see if I could speak with someone in person, was on hold for 12 minutes, finally got through to someone to explain I wanted to make a complaint regarding poor service and they hung up on me.  View Gripe »

airline (3/27/15)

Flew to Iceland for 1 mnth, I received the news my grandma had passed away and changed my flight to come back for funeral the next day, easy jet did with no charge. I realised I had lost my passport at Keflavik airport upon check in. easy jet wouldn't let me on the flight though I had a valid uk drivers license. Turned me away and would not help in any way. They wouldn't call manchester airport to describe the circumstances. I asked if there was a payphone to call the british embassy, there is none in the airport and they knew this, sent me to an area to look for one to get rid of me until missed flght on my return would not let me use their phone or help. Returned to reykjavik, file police report, get passport photo, emergency passport with embassy, buy new flight to edinburgh, easyjet wuldnt transfer or refund prev flight. Wrote to them, will not respond. Xtra costs because of this: taxi from/to reykjavik £100,photo £25,Passport £95,flight £120,hotel £54,train to Leeds£80 Outraged.  View Gripe »

Additional fees (6/29/14)

Additional fee of £190 to change my daughters companions name on a flight for her vacation . 1st vacation since she qualified asca paediatric nurse - a student with not much money - this is a lot!  View Gripe »

Cancelled flight EZY 8616 (6/28/14)

No notification received from EasyJet regarding the cancelled flight. A group of 9 turned up at airport with no alternative advise from their C service other than a flight 3days later! No advise on how to claim or local hotels etc. Very poor service! Had to seek advise elsewhere.  View Gripe »