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Eastern Mountain Sports
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Attempting to purchase a bicycle (8/27/15)

I am a loyal EMS customer, I have purchased clothing and hiking gear for the past several years. I have been in the market to purchase a bicycle and went on the EMS site to see what was available. I found a great bike, the 205 Marin Larkspur CS1 for $257.00. I attempted to purchase this product online 8/252/15, without success. The next 2 days were filled with misinformation, mixed messages and excuses. I was not able to put the item in my cart online on 8/25/15 and was not able to understand why with any of the information provided online. I also missed out on a coupon and free shipping. The next morning, 8/26/15, I contacted my local store in Fayetteville NY. I was told that I would not be able to purchase a bike on line with their store as they were not an "authorized bike store". I was referred to customer service. End result over 2 days was, I had to locate my own product and when then could not purchse or ship. Customer service to did NOT connect me with supervisor.  View Gripe »