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Flight delayed or canceled? Here's the scoop on everything you need to know about how Delta Airlines handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for Delta Airlines are typically related to flight cancelations, flight delays, SkyMiles, seating, upgrades, lost baggage, customer service interactions, pricing and fees, and honoring frequent flyer status.

The Delta Airlines Facebook page is active and promotional in nature. They have their "Message" button activated which means that you can contact them through a Facebook chat message, however, with a large of amount of followers your feedback could get lost in the shuffle. It seems to that Delta is responding to all complaints, however, potentially losing track of many. If your complaint contains abusive vocabulary, it may be deleted.

Delta Airlines has a verified and dedicated customer care Twitter handle and listens consistently for customer service feedback. It has a medium sized following. Again, it seems to that Delta is responding to all complaints, however, potentially losing track of many. If your complaint contains abusive vocabulary, it may be deleted or ignored.

The Delta Airlines Google+ page is similar to their Facebook page. It has a lot of promotions, and seems to have a somewhat international following.

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Mobile and Web App (4/11/17)

Last 2 trips Delta mobile/web didn't allow seat selection or checkin and the crew at the airport was clueless. What is the point of a feature doesn't work? What a waste of time and effort.  View Gripe »

Wedding vacation package (1/23/17)

Hello; My daughter is getting married on May 28th, 2017 in Cancun. Most of our guests, around 100 are coming from Los Angeles. About 5 months ago we recived the code no. For the package. Detla keeps changing the time on the flight from Cancun back to Los Angeles on May 29th. First it was 7:00pm, then 11:30am and now 7:00am That means all our guests that are paying in the package for 3 nights will have only 2 night. They will have to leave after the wedding that is on May 28th. This makes us very frustrated with the idea that our guests will not be able to stay few hours the day after the wedding and some of them think of cancelling. We made few calls to Delta and Delta vacations and no body cares!!! Who can help us with this problem?? Thank you Ofra Bennun  View Gripe »

Customer service and Flights (1/23/17)

Delta for a lack of better words is worthless. I have gold status and I am taking a trip with my wife. They cancelled the original flight because it was not full. Then re-booked us on a different flight separating my wife and I.  View Gripe »

Ticket Cancellation and delayed retrieval of baggage. (8/16/16)

On Thurs Aug 11th I arrived at the airport to find out my ticket was invalid. Delta never called me. I then needed to purchase a $1,000 ticket to get to my destination. I have filled out the forms for a claim and no one has gotten back to me. Upon my return on Sunday 8/14, the plane was delayed and It's been 48hrs and I haven't received my baggage. There is no definite time as to when it will be delivered. I have important things in my suitcase. I'm flying to SF on Aug 23rd on Delta which is really a concern, ticket is already paid for. They should do something amazing for me. But first I need my suitcase and a refund for the ticket. Can you help me.  View Gripe »

Refund/part? (4/6/16)

Mr. Richard H. Anderson,, We scheduled a trip through, (Solar Tours), Trip Master Latin, (Booking # 640008 was booked on 3/11/2016), to Costa Rica for April 23, 2016 on Delta 2270 out of Portland, Oregon. Returning May 2, 2016 on Delta 902. This trip was my wife Deborah A. Vandall and myself, Gary D Vandall. I have T1 back issue which needs attention now because of location to nerve column. Surgery is scheduled for 4/7/2016 in the a.m. This canceling the Trip was started on 3/22/2016. As soon as we knew was this date. I have received from Trip Master a full refund from there portion because of this situation. (Solar Tours), Trip Masters has forwarded the portion that Delta Airline refunds at $572.19????? Mr. Anderson, I really want to thank you for keeping $400.00 now that I will not be on your Airplane taking up space. WE are retired and saved to be able to do this trip, so $400.00 is a lot of money for us… Thanks, Gary D Vandall  View Gripe »

Horrible delay with a lying pilot (3/23/16)

When there is snow, I get it if the plane has to be "de-iced"...but doing it for over an hour and then telling us that now we have to go back to the gate to get more gas makes no sense. Worst is when everything was ready to go and the pilot decides to leave us! "My shift is up. You will get a new pilot in an hour or so. So you're delayed some more." That is so unprofessional! I'm so disappointed with this airline. We were only offered small cups of water while waiting endlessly on the track. I REGRET booking with Delta.  View Gripe »

flights (3/7/16)

My 3 1/2 hour flight turned into a 24 hour flight. Three planes were canceled before we left the ground. Stranded in Laguadia for 15 hours with 3 cancelations. When we were ready to board the last flight we were told the flight crew timed out.Waited another 2 hours for a new crew. Got to our destination at 3:30 an and were unable to pick up our rental car. Everything was closed at that hour. Had the added expense of renting a hotel room and then back to the airport to pick up the car at 9:00 am  View Gripe »

Seat Assignments (2/29/16)

For the second time in 13 months, Delta has changed my seating on a long-haul flight from something I wanted (aisle seat, flying with a friend) to something I didn't want (window seat, not sitting with the friend) and then said, "Sorry, there is nothing we can do. Seat assignments are not a promise; see our Contract of Carriage." Wow, this is what deregulation and consolidation as brought us. A reservation for a seat when you pay full fare? Nope, sorry. Not part of the deal. Exactly what are airlines selling to us these days? Pay for something and we will give you something else, but we think it is close enough!? Did you make your reservation months in advance so you could get the seat/flight times you want? Sorry, we need to change that. You can cancel if you want, but of course we cannot help you get a refund on your ground package... Wow. Delta was my preferred carrier. Now? They are at the bottom of the heap. The VERY bottom.  View Gripe »

Wrong flight/need refund (2/10/16)

I was suppose to get a ticket to Florida for spring break on a Southwest flight with my friends. It ended up going on Delta. I called and asked if I could get a refund because it was the wrong flight/airline And because I just got it. they said there was nothing they could do about it. I'm going to have to miss classes and not go with my friends. I always fly with delta and didn't expect this.  View Gripe »

Mechanical Problem (1/2/16)

6:15 departure time, a mechanical error comes up as we board. At 8:30, the mechanic still hasn't even shown up yet to assess the situation. Is there one plane mechanic in all of Buffalo?  View Gripe »