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Hotel (12/7/15)

Got a reservation through Priceline to stay 2 days at Days Inn Alsip, IL. The room was awful. There was yellow police tape outside the room, as though a crime was being investigated. There were roaches. Even though I checked out the next morning, none of my money was refunded. Since it was purchased through Priceline, I was told to call Priceline, which I did, repeatedly about the situation, and was ignored. Never again.  View Gripe »

Hotel (10/10/15)

On 10/05/2015 we had reservations for the Days Inn at Ronks, PA to stay for 2 nights, 10/05 and 10/06. On 10/05/21015, we had an emergency arise and could absolutely not go on our planned trip and called this Days Inn to advise them that we had an emergency and could not be there and would they please cancel the reservation. The gentleman advised us that they could only cancel the next night, not the 5th and that we would have to pay for that night. We called in plenty of time for them to rent the room out to anyone else but he insisted that we would be charged for that one night. Well come to find out, after looking at our bank statement, they charged us for two nights. We immediately called them and he still insists that we have to pay for one night, when in our estimation we gave them plenty of notice of cancellation. He is telling us that we would have to cancel 48 hours in advance. Now you tell us, how in the world did we know that we were going to have an emergency?  View Gripe »

hotel stay (8/22/15)

My family stayed at The Days Inn in Blacksburg, VA on August 18th. We were going to be moving my son into college and decided to stay the night before to be better able to prepare. When we pulled up to the hotel at a distance it looked very nice. However when we got to our room it was filthy. There was food stuck to the walls behind the bed (at least i think thats what that was). Also behind the night stand was so much dust and used bandaid wrappers. Being a nurse that really appauled me as i know how infectious things like that can be. The bathroom litterally had dirt build up in the corners and hair. We got in so late that we had no other choice but to stay the night. The outside walkways were dirty and we were all just extremely disappointed with our accomodation. I am not one to take it to this level to complain but i feel i needed to bring it to your attention.  View Gripe »

Hotel (8/16/15)

We had our motorcycle convention booked at this hotel for a week. Our week did not start out great. We get checked in to our room and that night we go out for a ride and come back to find out that we can not get back in to our room because the key does not work. We went to the front desk to have new keys made this was the first time. The next thing is I am awakened with a dripping sound that I did not know where it was coming from. Now we are on day two so we get ready to go out for the day. We are gone a few hours on a ride and come back after our ride we are wet from the rain and go to try to get in the hotel side door only to find out that our keys don't work again so off we go to the front desk to get keys swiped again to get into our room only to find out that the bathroom has water all over the floor. We go back up to the desk to let them know and they said that someone had flooded the room above us. The stay at this hotel was horrible. Living in a box would be better.  View Gripe »

Hotel (7/27/15)

Booked a room over 6 months ago. Ownership changed 2 months ago. Room booked allowed 5 people. Was on the website that roll away beds were available. At time of check in, was told roll away beds are not available cause they are a fire hazaard. Once I got in the room, I can see why. I have to go outside just to turn around. 2 queen beds, where is 5th person supposed to sleep, tub? Was told all rooms have a kitchen. Kitchen my foot! A microwave sitting on top of a refrigerator is NOT a kitchen. Fitness center??? NOT! All equipment is broken and gym is closed. The room/carpet smelled like WET DOG. This is NOT a positive experience.  View Gripe »

No AC (7/22/15)

This is my TripAdvisor review of the hotel we stayed in last weekend when we picked up my son from camp. I wasn't going to say anything about my stay, but they kept hounding me with emails, begging me to rate my experience. Well ok, you asked for it. The first night there, the air conditioning didn't work. We tried sleeping in front of it by making a large bed on the floor, but that didn't help. With our heads on or near the floor we could smell the new carpet installed that day and all the chemicals we were breathing, because the room was so @$%# hot. So we crawled back into bed and sweated instead. After a while, I dragged my tired @$$ out of bed. I dragged it, drenched in sweat, across the parking lot and into the office. I asked the overnight clerk if we could switch rooms, and he was a nice enough guy, but he told me that there was nothing he could do about it because the system wouldn't let him. Of course this same guy couldn't give me directions to the nearest laundromat, even…  View Gripe »

Never again (7/21/15)

I stayed at the Days Inn Christianburg, 2635 Roanoke St. in Christiansburg, Va 24073 on Aug. 20, 2015. I woke up on the 21st of Aug. with a few bites. By the end of the day I had welts,up to 100 on my face, neck and arms. The next day I visited Patient First and had it confirmed that it was bed bug bites. I am now on my 4th day of steroid treatment. I missed a run and a social event, both cost money. I threw away my suitcase and scalded my clothes, hoping not to transfer any to my home. I called to notify the hotel and was told they were inspected. I told them I would give them to Monday, Aug. 24, 2015 to make this right. I wanted proof that they had notified to have the room, at least, "cleaned", so this won't happen to someone else. No one has called.  View Gripe »

Bed bugs (7/20/15)

I was not happy with a room at the Days Inn that I stayed in At 5196 US Route 60 E in Huntington,West Virginia it was the first hotel we have stayed in on our trip and my husband got bit by bed bugs when I call to let them know the situation the lady called me back and told me I was wrong.not happy  View Gripe »

Bad experience (7/20/15)

On Aug. 21, 2015, I had the misfortune of staying at a rundown property operated by the Days Inn across the hiway called the New Western Motel on hiway Utah 89 in Panguitch Utah. We had made the reservation 3 weeks out from our travel date. While on the road toward Panguitch, I received a cell phone call from a Raquel Jackson at the Days desk asking if she could move us from the original Days Inn to the New Western, a run down motel that apparently Days Inn had started overseeing. This person gave us a song and dance about how there was a plumbing problem and said she could reduce our rate. When we finally arrived and saw the condition of the building and the room (#114), I had serious misgivings about staying there. However we had just driven all the way from Tombstone, AZ and were very tired, so we gave in and stayed there. When we had a chance to critique the room, there were some problems that were almost comical. A sign on the toilet that said how to flush it, an air conditioner…  View Gripe »

Bad Bugs (7/20/15)

DAYS INN BATIVIA NY on Oak St. Stayed there on August 17, 2015. I AM COVERED STILL IN HORRIBLE PAINFUL, ITCHY BED BUG BITES!!!!!! And what's worse is I paid for that! I paid to get these bites all over me. I have contacted Days Inn the hotel I stayed at, the head office, Wyndham Worldwide AND I AM BEING IGNORED. NO ONE CARES, NO ONE WILL GET BACK TO ME. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! You had a chance to make this right and you chose not to contact me. Hey how about a "Oh I'm so sorry this happened to you, that is completely unexceptible, we will look into the matter" instead I get nothing. I was trying to do you a favor by bringing this to your attention so that no one else has to go through this hell, and you choose to not deal with it. I am beyond angry now. I cannot believe you would put your customers through this & not even acknowledge it. I paid 150 CDN for that crappy room (that will literally leave me scared for life! Yes these terrible bites are going to scar) then I spend an…  View Gripe »