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Car Dash Cam Pro (1/20/17)

My dash cam arrived broken, and I haven't been able to get ahold oh someone to get it replaced. Every phone number I have found is bogus. Is this company a fraud company. Please contact me via phone number 469-441-3744.  View Gripe »

Dash Cam Pro (9/18/16)

To whom it may concern; After the second day after purchase of the dash cam pro it stop working. The only screen that I would get upon turning it on it a car and that's it. Even charging the battery the car will display and will not power off even the function buttons will not work can someone tell me what is the problem.  View Gripe »

Dash Cam Pro (8/5/16)

Hello I ordered a Dash Cam Pro in the beginning of July of this year. I would like to know when I can expect to be delivered to my home? Thank You  View Gripe »

dash cam pro (5/28/16)

I ordered 2 dash cam pros @ $40/1. Free shipping was to apply. I got a bill for $109. Whats up with that.  View Gripe »

DASHCAM PRO (5/27/16)

contacted cust ser several times about my order. 1st was told it was on its way , then was told no reflection of order! IS THIS SITE A SCAM?  View Gripe »

dash cam pro (4/14/16)

don't work  View Gripe »

Dash camera (2ea) DCAMFS-MO (4/7/16)

I ordered these cameras on mar 22 2016. I have called to cancel the order. talked to agent #6 and #ll . I have contacted the credit card co to remove the charge from my account. I need a return auth number if these cameras arrive at my address. jimrichards54@aol.com  View Gripe »

Dash Cam Pro (3/31/16)

My cam pro will NOT record at night, nothing but headlights coming at you. I see NO settings for turning on the infrared lamp.  View Gripe »

dash cam (3/22/16)

i placed my order and still have not received anything larry bostwick 1662 13th St SE Salem Oregon 97302 507-507-8781 lbostwick50@yahoo.com  View Gripe »

dashcampro (2) units (2/16/16)

I ordered two dash cam pro units, jan 29th 2016, did nor receive them. Called my credit card co and learned you had charged for three and I called 1815 number and got , leave a message. still not received.  View Gripe »