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Darts Newagents
88-90 Bispham Rd
Southport, Merseyside PR9 7DF
United Kingdom

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Delivery (8/7/15)

Unfortuantly I was not in, to get a delivery. Got a piece of paper saying that I can pick up from Dart"s Newsagents, Bispham Road, Southport. What an officious man, he told me that my parcel wasn't delivered because I was having a crap. No, I was not having a crap, I was at work. Horrible people to deal with. I have asked for my parcel to be delivered to the place I work. 22 Old Park Lane, Southport, PR9 7BG Number InfoNotice 982623223684 If you want to stay in business, don't use Darts.  View Gripe »