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Scam Alert - some 3rd party websites have mentioned that this business may be a scam or con. Please independently verify before engaging with this business.
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Booking Service (8/11/16)

Daniel Feder or Daisy Gambit or Daisy Grayson of Daisy Gambit Band Booking or Major Motion Music is operating a booking agency scam out of 10118 Arrowhead Dr. #2 Jacksonville Florida 32257. He starts by posting numerous ads on Craigslist daily, in different states telling hopefull artists and bands that, for a fee he can book them lucrative gigs at bars, clubs, colleges and festivals. He only accepts wire transfers or moneygram which is a huge red flag. Once the money is recieved he no longer feels a responsibility to correspond and thus does not respond to any emails, calls or texts. No bookings are rendered on the artists' behalf. It's a classic text-book scam, with the difference being the target is toward desparate, struggling artists who would need to turn to craigslist for help booking shows. We spent our money got poor, rude then nil service, and never received any bookings.  View Gripe »