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Dairy Queen
7505 Metro Blvd.
Minneapolis, MN 55439-0286
United States

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Ice cream headache? Here's the scoop on everything you need to know about how Diary Queen handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for Dairy Queen are typically related to ice cream quality, food quality, customer service interactions, store hours, bathroom cleanliness, drive thru problems, and pricing.

The Diary Queen Facebook page seems to be active and promotional in nature. They do not have their "Message" button activated which means that you cannot contact them through a Facebook chat message.

Dairy Queen only has a verified corporate brand Twitter handle but does listen for customer service feedback. It has a medium sized following, and tends to pass issues off to a dedicated customer service email.

The Dairy Queen Google+ page is similar to their Facebook page. It has a lot of promotions for ice cream and holiday specials.

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iPhone. (4/2/17)

My stomach hurts.  View Gripe »

one free small Oreo Ultimate Frappé. (9/9/16)

Hello Dairy Queen, This is so far the best food chain restaurant that I've seen responding to customer queries. Hope to pass by and have a meal one of these fine days. With Thanks, Kishesha.  View Gripe »

Diary Queen 6310 Broadway Blvd- Garland, TX75043 (2/6/16)

6310 Broadway Blvd Garland, TX To whom it may concern: My daughter was employed with Diary Queen and she had to immediately resign due to her spring activities and school work. She wasn't able to work. This manager Michelle Bogillio approach my daughter in a unprofessional way. She through her pay check on the counter and while my daughter was formally telling her about her schedule at school. Ms Bogillio walk away from her. My daughter is a senior in high school and she just felt very be-little. I know being in a professional field. Ms. Bogillio could have handled that in a more professional way. She told my daughter that she will never find another job because how she left that job. My daughter had to immediately resign on January 10, 2016. She had to do what was require for her school because that is a grade. She is graduating this year. I just want to let you know about my daughter experiences at Diary Queen in Garland, TX. Thanks, Cheryl Standley 469-682-8482  View Gripe »

DQ blizzards + attitudes (11/23/15)

Went to a DQ in Gold Beach and ordered 2 Blizzards. I also wanted one of those free blizzard punch cards. The guy takes my order, I give him a $20 and he doesn't give me any change back. I ask for change, he gives me the punch card. I'm a bit confused. I then realize he gave me a GIFT card for $20. I didn't want a gift card, so I asked him to take the card back and please give me my money back. Suddenly, a short stout lady with blond hair came out from the back room and blatantly said, "We don't refund anything!" I told her, "Just 2 seconds ago I paid for this card and now your telling me I can get my money back?" She rudely said, "THERE ARE NO REFUNDS on gift cards!" I told her, "I didn't realize the guy gave me a gift card in the first place, and I'd like my money back." She shook her head and huffed back into the back room to ask if I could get my money back. She came out again after a few seconds and said, "Nope, You don't get your money back!" I wasn't in the mood to argue with…  View Gripe »

Blizzard (8/22/15)

Dairy Queen Manistee, MI 49660 Why is it you continue to advertise the Blizzrd is served upside down, yet our local Dairy Queen does not do this. For a while they posted a sign that only one would be served upside down. Now they do not serve any Blizzard upside down yet they do not honor the next one free. Why?  View Gripe »

Inside restaurant (7/26/15)

Men's restroom door does not lock, and no paper towels. Restrooms dirty. Dining room always too cold. Women's restroom no paper. Is there a manager on duty? Ever?  View Gripe »

Blizzard (4/1/15)

My husband and I just got back from the DQ at 2300 West Apache Trail in Apache Junction , AZ. We ordered 2 small salted caramel truffle blizzards. They were only 3/4 full and were not served upside down, as advertised on TV and on the window of the store. When I pointed out that it was not as advertised, the young man said that they were not part of Dairy Queen and would not honor the advertisement. For the cost of $7.61, it should have been full and served as advertised. I believe we should get our free Blizzards. Thanks..Victoria Kelley 9302 E. Broadway Rd. Sp. 63 Mesa AZ 85208 detroit251@yahoo.com  View Gripe »

Pumpkin pie blizzard (9/6/14)

I have gone to several DQs only to have them refuse to make me/ sell me one. The ads are out but the stores won't make or sell the pumpkin flavor. They are rude and obnoxious when I try to explain the ads and DQ Facebook says I can get one now.  View Gripe »

Harlingen Texas 78550 (3/20/14)

Went through drive through, got my order, went home to eat and discovered I didn't get my change nor a receipt. When I went back to talk to the manager, she told me the register wasn't over. The server went home already. The manager found my order and told me to write a statement and I never got my $12.00 back nor a receipt. I think it was unprofessional not to have cAmeras to watch for fraud!  View Gripe »