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Problems with your Cable or Internet? Here's the scoop on everything you need to know about how Comcast Xfinity handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for Comcast are typically related to cable service, internet outages, billing discrepancies, appointments and scheduling, and customer service interactions.

The Comcast Xfinity Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature. They have their "Message" button activated which means you can contact them through Facebook chat messenger, however, with an extremely large following the chances of a response are hard to predict.

Comcast Xfinity has a verified Twitter handle which is used for Customer Service, and seems to be very active, however, there is so much Comcast Xfinity feedback on Twitter that many responses are ignored or fall off mid conversation. There seems to be multiple accounts dealing with user issues, so you may want to People Search "Comcast" from time to time to see if new staff has been dedicated to replying.

The Comcast Xfinity Google+ seems to be used periodically for promotion, but has fallen out of date. It has a medium sized following and is verified.

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Cable (4/2/17)

Why does my cable go out a possibly 4:30 every morning everyday is fucking stupid!!  View Gripe »

Billing (1/18/17)

Xfinity sales door to door is so misleading, the sales rep was good young man but now the bill jumped $29.15 a month and if you cancel you are charged $120. what a rip're contract turns out is two years but the promo is only one year. My wife and I are seniors and I'm a decorated vet. I would not recommend them to anyone at this point, can't wait for an alternative co. to come along or the contract time is up and I'll go back to Verizon.  View Gripe »

hospitality (11/29/16)

We just started new service for TV internet and Phone services but it not worth to business with comcast. Hal of room have not TV only basic channel available. Service provide at Days inn in Norcross GA. not happy at all  View Gripe »

Customer service on phone (10/16/16)

I called 5 times today trying to get a straight answer about restoring service on the 4th call I was told it would come on by 6pm and at 9:15pm still nothing.... Called back to hear more garbage that it was requested I shut service off altogether. And it was only noted I spoke to 1 person all day too. Frustrated I took it out on the poor girl... I've been misguided for the past 5 weeks over the phone trying to restore and catch up on payments. Nothing but hell talking to each representative one worse than the last. Still no resolution and apparently billing cycles continue regardless! I may be forced to just drop service at this point if nobody can assist on the next 7am east coast time call. Really pathetic that no one can remove the pending status of a paid amount... And then have been told over and over it'll be on soon and then advised by another that it will not because I ordered it to be shut off??? Really??? After calling 5 times in one day asking when it will be back on?  View Gripe »

X1 with BLAST 150 mb (9/27/16)

I called yesterday because my X1 and BLAST service was interrupted yet again…. I was still waiting for a manager call back from my last request during an outage weeks ago. Livid, my intention was to cancel the service, but supervisor William Montgomery talked me giving Comcast another chance. During the conversation, he made suggestions to change my service. I specifically asked if this would bind me to a contract and he said it would not. He also arranged for a “senior technician” to come to my home on Friday (9/30) between 8-10AM to help resolve both the cable and internet issues. This morning, when I arrived at work, I received an email from Comcast saying I signed for a two year agreement? I immediately emailed William M., but have yet to receive a response. Later in the morning, I received a call from a technician saying he checked my services and everything is working? Really? Now I am wondering if a “senior technician” is going to show up on Friday…. I have had…  View Gripe »

Bill Issue (4/18/16)

I am having bill issue since i have got the comcast. I was promised for 99 dollars per month for my channels by an agent and comcast account manager told me, he will fix that issue. Account manager is not even reply. I am ending up paying 131 per month. Talked to same person (agent), he told me send me you bill copy, we will do something about it.. its been two weeks no answer. Top on that i was promised that you will get your 150 bucks billing and credit as a visa card. but nothing showed up yet. i terminated dish in advance almost paid 300 buck for this bad and bad customer service.  View Gripe »

Internet (2/27/16)

I have had no Internet connection since February 5th.. Was told my modem was bad got a new one same issue went to comcast rented one same issue called again they wanted to charge $50 to come out and service their own equipment. Called back got a tech free of charge on the 20th tech said the outside box was bad he said he put in a service ticket that was Saturday. Called Tuesday said the ticket was in would take 32 hrs called on Thursday was told no ticket was in sent another one called Friday set up today the 27th between 9-11 no tech showed up called AGAIN was told the person I spoke to Friday never made the appointment now I have to wait till tomorrow morning. Totally unacceptable. I have better things to do then to wait all day for comcast. I'm sure someone else will be happy to take my business  View Gripe »

Home basic cable and internet 424 s. Crest rd, chattanooga, TN (2/27/16)

Comcast admittedly has wrongfully overcharged our account by $500 and refuses to provide the credit. We only have the small digital boxes which do not even receive HBO. Regardless Comcast has deliberately charged us HBO which we never ordered or even can recieve on our service. This overcharge practice is an illustration of how comcast scam people with all of the additonal fees and charges. I have the ticket number in case you think I am making this up. Treat your customers honorably and you might not continue to loose market share.  View Gripe »

cable servie (2/14/16)

When I am channel surfing, I get a message on channels I don't subscribe to saying "free with subscription". Im sick of that message. know I can get those channels if I want to pay more money.  View Gripe »

Interenet (2/9/16)

We pay for 150 Mbps Internet. The highest we've tested is 56 Mbps. Customer service offers no solutions as their 2.4 Ghz gateway is incapable of delivering the speed we pay for.  View Gripe »