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Cahall Bros, Inc.
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Georgetown, OH 45121
United States

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Category: Farm & Garden Machinery
Sub Category: Equipment or Vehicle Rental
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John Deere (5/27/15)

the way I was treated at the Amelia store taken a 5 year old john Deere riding mower in to be repaired. the people at the store didn't want to repair said mower all they wonted to do was to sell me another at thousands of dollars. They say my rear end was bad and it would cost me above 900.00 to fix. they said they would give me 50.00 dollars for the mower. I went up and got the mower and they charged me 22.00 and change for looking at the mower . Hereis the problem I took the mower to someone else to have it checked out. It was not the rear end it was in need of a stronger sprang on the drive belt. the people thiedth steel my mower by giving me 50.00 dollars. this is wrong in so meny ways and not a good business .  View Gripe »