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1997 cad, (7/4/16)

I have a friend who has a 1997 cad who loves the car it is the air conditioning, some times it works and some times it don't, the car is all he needs as he lives alone, is there a way he could get it fixed so the a/c works all the time, he has had it to two dealers, would not mind paying the bill if it worked 541-889-4049  View Gripe »

front end/alignment stabilitrac issues and service 2011 Cadillac CTS coupe (11/6/15)

July 30, 2014, I had the tires replaced on my car after 65,000. I have put 24,000 on them and the front tires are shredded, the belts showing on the outer edge of each front tire. The back tires are fine. At servicing and when taking my car car for other problems to Bently Cadillac of Huntsville, AL, I was told that I must have hit gravel coming down the hill or other times it was the potholes in the roads, usually they tell me the alignment is fine, twice they aligned it in the past year. In the past 3 months the car has become dangerous to drive, the steering erratic, I took it in again and they told me I needed new tires. I told them these only had 24,000 and they indicated that was enough. I hadn't looked because I didn't think that should be a problem. I ended up taking it to two other places who said a rocker arm was pushed out of place, have them look at the red paint. It had to have hit something. I've not hit anything. I heard the technician complain that he was not  View Gripe »

Poor quality (7/11/15)

Poor quality car with majority of materials made overseas and inferior. Continued problems that dealer would not address and let warranty expire. Tried getting GM customer care manager involved while warranty still active and they told me they couldn't do anything to help me and that they were the dealer's advocate. Said all they could do was try and negotiate a compromise, but if dealer wouldn't address problem there was nothing that could be done. Have been GM loyal and Cadillac customer for years having bought many new cars. Just bought my first foreign luxury car and will trade mine in a few months for a foreign brand. No wonder GM went bankrupt.  View Gripe »

Bad customer service (7/10/15)

GM does not stand behind their special coverage for their known faulty timing chain. An updated bulletin issued 11/5/2012 not ates extended coverage for this well known issue. My vehicle matches the make, model, etc but apparently GM picks and chooses what cars they mysteriously choose to cover as though I match the criteria, my VIN does not have the coverage. No answer as to why my car is not included in this special coverage as my car matches the criteria. Filed claim and no help from claim person or dealership.  View Gripe »

Problem with AC (6/19/15)

We have a 2011 CRX with just over 54000 miles. The car has been into the shop 2 times for the same air conditioning problem. Starts off blowing cold air and fan setting 3. After about 2 hours we must increase the fan until it is max to stay cool at 82 degrees. The temp will continue to get warm and fan speed drops to very little air flowing. We are told the AC works fine.  View Gripe »

Eletrical problems (6/19/15)

I own a 2003 Cadillac escalade, I've had a battery drainage problem from day one. When I purchased the truck used, I bought an extended warranty , the instrument cluster had to be replaced an I had to purchase a battery. After truck sits more than 2 or 3 days, something drains the battery. I took my truck to the dealership here in Va, after further research I told them of my findings only to tell me there were no recalls for the battery drainage on my year truck, with the plant information were my truck was built.I was told my truck year wasn't affected by the recall.(please help), I have replaced my batterery 4 times already in 3 years.Please follow up with feed bac please to this issue. Others have complained of these same drain problems as well as my power windows, clock reflects 12:00, as well as my CD player an power seat stop working. Each time I've replaced the battery at SEARS they stress its an electrical issue of something killing my battery  View Gripe »

2007 Cadillac DTS (6/18/15)

Ny car will not pass the Illinois Emission test. Heritage Cadillac, my dealer Wants to chàrge me to fix the problem. The state gave waivers the last 4 years. The state's computer and the car's Compute can't talk to each other. Why Is this my pr Compute can't talk to each other. Why Is this my problem?  View Gripe »

So frustrated (6/17/15)

On 1/ 23/12 I got a flat tire while driving my 2010 Cadillac SRX in the desert outside Henderson, Nv. I called OnStar, we connected with Roadside, and a wrecker was dispatched. They could not locate us, cancelled the assist, and left us sitting in the desert without any "concern for our safety." Upon contacing OnSar again, and a lot of complaining, we got the same wrecker re-dispatched. After 3 1/2 hours the wrecker arrived indicating they received the call less than 20 minutes prior. Roadside needs to be castrated for leaving a owner sitting on the side of the road and cancelling a call for help when they have OnStar involved to assist in contacting and locating the vehicle, and instead just ignoring the owner who is at their mercy without a spare tire being provided in the vehicle, they have an additional responsibility to take care of their owners. I wrote a letter to Cadillac setting forth the facts on 1/27, and initially Cadillac took an interest, however, I have not heard from…  View Gripe »

Not a fan of cadillac (6/17/15)

I am sorry I purchased a Cadillac. I work very hard form my money.I have been saving for this car for years, since the mid 2000 I have always wanted an SRX from the minute I saw it for the first time. This is the most expensive mistake I have ever made. Poor customer service, filling out surveys and getting NO FEEDBACK. Orange peel paint is the standard, a bad paint job from the factory with dirt and runs in the paint is acceptable, my care leaks something that is staining my driveway and we just had the driveway re-surfaced, and they are telling me it is not. the transmission is horrible. Customer services is horrible. When you go to them for help they answer is you should see the other cars. Who ever designed the seats put this huge seam running down the middle of the seat vertically. My husband hates the car, he cant sit in it comfortably. If I did not pay cash for the car I would have returned it or traded it in for something else. I am very disappointed in Cadillac.  View Gripe »

Bad customer service (6/13/15)

I bought a Cadillac SRX two years ago in the state of Texas from Sewell Cadillac because they are known for the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE, but I live in Louisiana and the Cadillac dealerships that are near my home have given me the WORSE service ever!!! The very first thing the service advisors as well as the service managers do when I bring my car for service; they ALWAYS ask if I bought my car from their dealership? They know prior to my arrival that my car was not purchased there BUT they still ask and look at the SEWELL emblem on my car and then proceed to act like FOOLS! GM DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in correcting these dealerships for their EXTREMELY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND FOOLISHNESs towards customers who purchase their vehicles from out of state. I have learned a lot about GM and CADILLAC. I wish I would have done better research. I currently have to drive over 70 miles to get my vehicle serviced and depending on how that service advisor feels that day will reflect in the service…  View Gripe »